Happiness and Peace

first Happiness is mainly concerned with the material world. Non-material happiness is there too. This can be called physical happiness. We call it sexual happiness. Sincere love makes the person happy too.

2nd Happiness can cause many problems, such as physical integrity, stress, and so on. If a person has nothing to eat, he will be unhappy. The moment he gets enough food, he will be happy for hunger. Thus, the list of desires increases the item-wise requirements one by one. So happiness is infinite. Someone loves to eat more and becomes happy after fulfilling his long delicious desire for delicious meals.

So we can see what diseases begin with the unlimited meal. Likewise, somebody wants money at any cost – legally or illegally. Then there are problems of illegal money or property concealment. And there is the problem of how to spend illegal money or fortune to get happiness.

The income tax tax may have another problem with the Ministry of Taxation. Illegal money from bribes also invokes stress. How can detection be avoided? This is a logical concern. What can one discover?

These problems are damaging to a normal peaceful life. So happiness can result in many bad side effects such as depression, restlessness, stress, and so on.

3rd Peace is different than happiness. In a simple life we ​​can confuse happiness with peace. Peace is only possible if stress is not so much. Finally, if one feeds on material and physical (gender) satisfaction, peace can be knocking on him as a new and last call. That is why sometimes an old man sighs with a sigh and asks the people around him if he dies in peace.

4th So we must strive for peace in our lives, not happiness.

5th Happiness is the natural process of every living being. Everyone must come to his life, from a natural necessity, from one body to all kinds of life – animals and human beings.

6th However, peace must be obtained through certain mental practices needed to maintain physical education with physical exercises. It can be developed through a process aimed at building a mentality towards thinking or targeting peace.

7th Peace is also gained through meditation, an ancient practice from India to achieve peace. And this practice is now universally accepted, and scientifically.



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