Happiness hangs in your own hands -Olga Rosmanith. Madonna, we would think there would be too many top-charting . "

"Circumcision has no power over you, Gospel songs in spite of the challenged Roman Catholic faith, but as I listened to the" Secret "song, I have recently developed the knowledge that the gospel is very good, that in his video [1] there was an idea of ​​various baptisms – the traditional Christian motive of death for life without the old God and a new birth in the spiritual world.

But that was also the lyrics that attracted my attention. Things are not the same
Since when you came into my life
You found a way to touch my soul
And I will never let go

When God really comes to someone, things will never again are the same: it is most when it comes to intense pain and suffering, and how to find a way to touch our soul, No need for it – this is the point: m I do not have to God (apparently) until we do it – even then many resist and continue to reject him: the wise man, since he felt this gloom, could never afford God's loving hands in Christ, Jesus the Savior and the Scourge.

The song's bridge: "Happiness is in your hands
It's been too long to understand
Until you share your secret

Happiness is really in your own hands There is no truer statement Although there are countless claims that are just as true, even in the depths of misery, suffering and destruction, we can do much to understand happiness. In normal life, if we are not in the midst of suffering, we can discover the truth that happiness is routinely in our own hands

From the personal experience I know it took too long to understand the grace and power of God, which is not my time, I was in the depths that God really shared my secret with me and could only see the light. I praise God that I could imagine in my worst despair I found the love I always bought, but unfortunately I did not know It must be. Suddenly my eyes saw all sorts of injustice, and not just in my own life – significantly to the others. lives.

You gave me the paradise
I thought I was doing good
Did you help me find the reasons why
was surprised you understood
You ever knew
What I never meant to say
I've never learned to love myself
I've never been anymore … anyone else

Most of us are surprised to see that God does not really understand mankind and we ultimately understand this truth, we are astonished at our lies how we can Your almighty creature, to think you're not interested? Well-Known from Memory From the Depth of Time Only when we know God that we can truly become acquainted – only when we really want to know and accept ourselves so that we can begin to love ours. do we really love others?

Finally, the chorus (below) reminds me of someone who is counted on redemption revelation.

"Something Entered With Me
The Baby Is Secret"

I remember that in the presence I sank that I was baptized in the Spirit. Something really came over me – it was the breath of God that showed me his love and grace – as a deeply physiological force, he took my body and watched for a few minutes a praise and gratitude. It was a huge goose.

Yes, Madonna can preach too!

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[1] Video recording of the live "Drowned World Tour" concert in Detroit, Michigan in 2001.



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