Happiness, health and healing – a natural foundation for a healthy mind

In my own personal life, it is time to believe that stress can be "treated" regardless of the situation. I felt like a decent multitasker and I was proud to always have a straight line that was never too far up or down. I often found myself stresses in my life, which was very unnecessary and was not beneficial.

Well, at the age of 35, I found 7 health food stores, 3 wellness clinics, a natural product manufacturing company, 4 homes, two children, a wife and a 1500 miles trip. seven, excluding flights and international travel. I was on the cover of magazines, I wrote articles, I broadcast radio shows, and I talked to groups, and I never knew at the beginning of the day when I would buy it by the end of the day. In the morning I wake up and have a few minutes to identify where I woke up. I remember when I woke up, while in Cessna 172 I lost the altitude over the Appalachian Mountains that I was the pilot!

I once slept on a 4X4 Ford Excursion Diesel while I was driving on a road WHILE RADIO IN THE TELEPHONE! I trusted people that they should not have had a lot of nights when my daughter went to bed and woke up many nights, what I was doing and why. I knew the message I taught was important, but the message is nothing but my own life.

I had a car accident close to a deadly accident when she knocked unconscious at the bottom of the North Georgian divide in the woods on the morning of 3. It was covered with blood, upside down, and I wondered why? My cell phone. 35 meters into the woods. I once kicked out of the car that was burning, I got the phone and climbed into the abyss to get help.

I do not have to say that at this time I finally admitted that I should re-evaluate my life, that I was not indestructible and that I was not able to handle everything myself and myself. It was time for dramatic change.

The interesting thing is that around 20 years before the change of life the formula was given to me, which helped me.

As a young teenager I met a herb who lived only a few miles from my school but who is internationally recognized as one of the most popular folk herbs in the world. Tommie Bass lived in the state of Alabama and was on Wall Street's cover in 1985 and who had been teaching more than five books while teaching at any University of Duke and no formal training was a master course.

The day I met Tommie with one of my most important days of my life. He taught me about simple herbalism, using what we have prepared for ourselves as medicine, and how to help them when they do not have the power to be close to themselves, to simple life, and to nature. I'm sure it did not mean that it was coming out of the burning Jaguar XKR in the woods at 3 o'clock



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