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Everything you do is a act for something

Everything you do, everything you say, all thoughts, every move, every breath – all this action for something.

If someone complains to your friend about your partner, your job, your children, and all other things, then you're under your subordinate belief that you do not know what you want to be helpless to change your life that you can not trust in others check, etc. etc

If you think about how annoying your neighbor is, how selfish your partner, the parents, are behind the beliefs behind you: I'm not helpless, I do not know what I want, there is a good way etc. etc.

When your fingers are just getting ahead of you, you go to subordinate beliefs: I have to control myself (and others and the world), I do not know what I want etc. etc.

If you look at something you've just created an article, a painting, an email; and I think that "it sucks" – you go to the underlying beliefs – I can not do it, I do not know I have no capacity, etc.

Starting to spot a topic? Ask yourself what I did in the last hour? the last day? last week? most of my life?

When it comes to your underlying beliefs (some of which are as deeply besieged as Titanic), you will create your future reality that more strongly reflects these convictions: your partner's problems, irritation from your neighbors, silly pilots cause destruction around you. There is more evidence that I believe is true.

But what if you think it's not the reality?

Begin to act with the pleasure you love today, right now, this minute. What you really love – the things that make you right, reflecting joy and satisfaction. You know what it is, even if you forgot them in eons.

If you love walking your dog because it brings you peace and fresh air – now get off your computer and go to the dog.

If you love a hot bath – go one more.

If you love to travel, start taking action.

If you really love having a good relationship with your neighbors, think about how nervous you are, do it on one side (without judgment) and focus on what you love – you give yourself a friendly wave as you leave.
It's easy. Just begin to keep in mind what you do for action and for the benefit of your life you love to live a life. You will soon realize that your life is more like a beloved life. Create and set up.

Pollyanna x

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