Hawaii Leis

Hawaii leis is known in the world as the aloha symbol. Captain Cook's staff first recorded in 1779 the habit of Hawaiian bulbs. Today Hawaii flower bouquet is more beary than ever, between locals and visitors.

An Ancient Polynesian Individual

Early Polynesian travelers who migrated to and settled into the islands first introduced her habit to the Hawaiian Islands. Leis was wearing these original Hawaiians to beautify themselves and to distinguish themselves from others. The original Hawaiians appeared in the creation of permanent beads of feathers, ivory, beads, and teeth. Often, these leisures were the symbols of the al-i or the ruling class. She was probably the most important of all the maile, because every person, every class, and every occasion was her daughter, but this was primarily related to the worship of the gods of the hula. They also used to report the peace agreement between the opposing leaders.

Modern Hawaiian Tradition

With the arrival of twentieth century tourism, the islands have quickly become the Hawaiian symbol for millions of visitors worldwide. At the beginning of the 1900s, during the "Ship Days", the Leu sellers entered the Aloha Tower jetty to receive the arriving visitors and the returning homecoming. The outgoing visitors dropped into the sea as their boat passed through the Diamond Head in the hope of returning to the islands one day.

For the people of Hawaii, birthdays and graduates are the most beloved to her. It is not unusual for a high school or college student to wear so many teats that are taller than the ears. It is often the case that walnuts, seeds or shells are available at special times on site.

Hawaii Leis Flower

Plants, lehua flowers and orchids are available in modern hawaii leis flowers, although maile leaves are extremely popular and traditionally decorated for hula dancers. Nowadays most visitors only plumeria lei – in a relatively new relationship – became known in airports and hotels.

There is little rule for wearing a Hawaiian girl. Anyone can wear it anytime – no special occasion is required. She is considered to be a sympathy of a man for the pleasure of another person, and is considered a bad form to deny one. The proper wearing pattern of the slope is gently draped over the shoulders, both hanging from the back and the back. It is acceptable for someone to buy or produce a lei.

Airport Lei Greeting

Welcome to Airport Lei is now a habitual experience in Hawaii. As tourism grew between Hawaii and the continental United States, it was customary to introduce a floral demonstration to those arriving by air or departing on the islands and thus creating a lion's construction industry.

In these days, visitors come to a traditional greetings on the islands with authentic Hawaiian chickens directly in the airline's arrival gate. Suppliers are pre-designed to distribute Hawaiian florists and baggage claim assistance and route routes to island flights.

Friendly Lei welcomes visitors to Honolulu International Airport, Kahului, Lihue and Hilo airports, and has a personalized welcome sign for visitors. name it. These sellers offer a Hawaiian-style reception with beautiful fresh flowers at a great price.

May Day Lei Day Hawaii

In Hawaii on May 1 we celebrate Lei Day, not May Day as the rest of the world. The Lei Festival was first held on May 1, 1928, when a few local artists in Honolulu encouraged everyone to wear a daughter. Celebrations were held in downtown downtown hula, music, lei demonstrations, and exhibitions and competitions.

In 1929, Lei Day was an official holiday in the Hawaiian Territory, which is a tradition to this day. Lei Day, May 1, Hawaii State Festival, with festivals and holidays around the Hawaiian Leu.



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