Healing the pain and life at the moment

"It's just an important time … NOW! It's the most important time because it's the only time that we have some strength."

~ Leo Tolstoy

Lost is the time you suffer from the past; dream about the possibilities and opportunities of the future – the most important thing to concentrate on your mind at the moment. She disappeared yesterday – ash. Tomorrow is unknown. Only today can you live in peace.

Brainstorm All Grief Healing Resources

Brainstorm any sorrowful healing resource you can think of which is available to you. For example, make a list of any specific person, support groups, religious and community groups, private coaches, counselors, or friends or family members. One of the reasons why many people struggle for long in their sorrow because they do not live with the opportunities and opportunities present. "The feeling of joy or comfort is so difficult to find when you are in the depth of sorrow. Sometimes these little things help you during the day, you may think that your comfort becomes ridiculous to others, but there is no laugh when you find a little to help feel good in pain and sorrow! ~ Elizabeth Berrien, Creative Grieving: The Way of Hippo from Loss to Hope

Useful Resources are not Measured by Width and Height, but How They Help You Heal

Set Your Personal Conditions

With Happiness happiness is to set our own circumstances every day for events.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are useful resources available for mourning the sadness that are extremely important to overcome deep sorrow. But to determine a beneficial way and to resolve it every day so as not to let the pain and loss determine your actions, it is indispensable.


No matter where you stand and under what circumstances. This is the direction you are moving. Drifting without a sail set or setting an idle on an anchor overwhelms itself. Sometimes you have to sail on the edge – sometimes in spite of the wind – but you must sail. Do not wait; starts today. Act on your dream and inspired impulses and desires. This is an important moment to set sail. You have to accept the fact that you can not regain your old life and bring back everything you lost. You have a new situation and you have to know the new and a new condition. Things have changed constantly. She wondered deeply, "HOW DO YOU JOIN?" These words emphasize the setting of your own sail and the deeper meaning of sailing.

Always seize every positive social media, technology, the internet, and all other useful and essential resource solutions. Despair, mourning and loss are the most important. To stop pain, healing sorrow, loss and sorrow must be started and finding hope and joy is essential to lasting peace and happiness



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