Heart and Mind Peace

Someone close to me often says that failure always comes before breakthrough. We are all watching and waiting to see how much things are falling. Because of the financial crisis, the uncertainty of the work situation, the crisis in houses and the uncertainty created by such threats, they are easily worried, worried and afraid. We would all agree that these emotions should be felt but should not be missed.

The optimist in me believes that there are more good things in the world than bad and that the good in you and I are trying to attract more. If there is no rest, we do not live, exist only. You can not live without mental chatter or loud noises and many other disorders that arise in your everyday life. We believe that without these things we would live without peace. It's not like this. Peace is an internal work, and it is felt in the waves of the minority in the midst of chaos. Our conscious mind leads us to the enlightened reaction to things. Suffering is a reaction. Even if we put ourselves in front of our peace of mind and heart, we can find the way. Rather than ever, we invite us to reflect a positive attitude.

One person once told me: I'm for the stuff, not against me. It took a while to really understand what it is, but it simply says it is easier to enforce goodness than focus on the bad. In no case should you deny things that need to change, and problems, but reactions are an energy source that we can control if we decide. I am humorously reflecting all this as a confirmation to myself to keep up the high road at this time.

Here are some things that return to spiritual tranquility and heart:

1. Meditate
2. Observe the Beauty of Nature
3. Evaluate People
4. Encouragement for Others Acting Well
5. Feel Respect

and lead to harmony.

Sirah Vettese, Ph.D.



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