Heart in peace

"We give ourselves the best chance to make clear-minded decisions only insofar as our hearts are in peace." –
Anatomy of Peace

The struggle to resolve a conflict begins when we approach the "Heart of Peace". So he opens a new book that I have just completed Anatomy of Peace: Solving the Heart of Conflict is the Arbinger Institute. Our life (the heart of peace or heart in war) has an impact on all aspects of the conflict, including what we are saying and how to say it.

As we look at our children, spouses, neighbors, collections, and nerves, we choose to look at others as people or objects whom we consider to be ourselves or objects.

We often approach conflicts of war in the war, , it is wrong and justified to clearly see the conflict, reveal the perspectives of others, and treat each other as a person. We treat people as objects and of course react when we are in war, encourage others to go to war, and then try them offensive behavior we blame it later and are unconsciously intertwined in the development of conflict-based behavior:

The anatomy of peace gracefully opens and gently invites us to change, to the lives of others we see the possibility that every moment there is a choice of peace Yes, words are important, but my way is that my conflicting partners have to know everything they really need to know.



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