Heat is in peace

This is the first time in world history that the Nobel Peace Prize is not due to the traditional cause for scientific reasons. The Nobel Committee has chosen two very different candidates: al Gore and Rajendra K. Pachauri (leader of the IPCC) who support the same cause – global warming

The concept of greenhouse effect and the devastating layers of ozone can be a very complicated story for. But in a simpler form, global warming is a by-product of human activity in everyday life. The phenomenon of global warming is the biggest free lunch in the history of mankind. Interestingly, carbon dioxide (CO2) has not been identified as a pollutant 20 years ago. The amount of greenhouse gases emitting CO2, Co2, So2, CO, No3 and so on every year. The amount of carbon dioxide that is most common is much higher than that which nature absorbs (the oceans and the earth are natural skins). That's why the problem is happening. Greenhouse is a natural process that makes Earth's surface warmer for 30 days than otherwise. In the absence of this, infrared radiation would escape space and the earth would be too cool to support life. In this complex natural process, ozone is a thick natural layer plays a key role for the goalkeeper because of infrared radiation. The deterioration of greenhouse gases, ozone layer and thus the problem is generated by the filtering of infrared radiation. It can cause burning sunlight and this may cause sea levels to rise which eradicates entire human civilization as individuals.

While the effects of climate change have negative global externalities, that is, the harmful effects of emissions are roughly the same, irrespective of their release. The effect is likely to be uneven across the globe. Therefore; global warming is not limited to a single country. But it calls for urgent intergovernmental efforts to find a way out. In this regard, the United Nations honestly acknowledged and established the "Climate Change Intergovernmental Committee" in 1988 to gather rigorous scientific evidence to show the degree of global warming. In 1995, the IPCC, led by the 3000 research team, Pachauri submitted his second assessment report to the UN. As a result, the "Kyoto Protocol" was the one that obeyed all member states to control the release of harmful gases. The IPCC dr. His gracious hands led by Pachauri made a sensible step forward in order to reach a consensus between the first world and the second world in the "save the planet" campaign.

But the approach of global warming to the media has more or less driven the sensational and mere darkness scenarios to report on climate change discussions. Dangerous acronyms and sophisticated technical jargon people had no choice but to abstain from these rumors. Al-gore and Oscar-winning film, the "Cruelty of Truth", all stood up and noticed. Gore has passed on people among cultures and continents, and managed to make climate change part of family dinners, even if they do not understand the science behind the issue. Gore carefully navigated the sea of ​​science and politics of climate change, and went straight to the point where one could understand the street.

Therefore, the decision of the Nobel laureate committee seems to be photocromatically. A R.K. symbiosis of complex histories Pachauri and Al-Gore's cinematic communication won the prize. The paradigm shift of the peace prize, which is about the future of security and peace, is not about traditional wars, but about fighting the environment and survival.



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