Helical Piers – The benefits of other deep foundation systems

Helicopter jetty is far more than 100 years old. This is a proven system for new construction and repair or renovation work. These are a very effective solution to the basic improvement where soil conditions are deeply rooted. There are a number of competitive advantages in using the spiral piers compared to other systems, especially when working with existing buildings.

The installations required for installation are generally smaller, lighter and less specialized than the ones used on other types of deep bases. The cost of mobilization (movement, placement) is usually less than other systems. This also allows entrepreneurs to have access to spiral piles in tight or closed areas where the larger equipment simply fits

Another advantage is that the helical piles are vibrated because a torque-driven motor has been twisted into a wooden screw tree. If you are working on an existing structure (or if neighboring properties are already in existence with existing structures), it is wise not to create additional opportunities for further settlements.

When installing helicals, the contractor must constantly monitor the torque required for installing each pier. The torque quality is directly related to the capacity of each pier, so the operator will know at what point each load will be the load or capacity of each pier.

With the mounting of spiral piers, they can be loaded immediately; no curing time after installation.

Because spiral piles are reversed or "twisted", minimal yields are required. There are no distances or removals from the site when installing the piers, thus saving the costs of removal and disposal.

With less installation equipment noise pollution decreases dramatically. For the installation of spiral piers, no hitting or bumping is required.

Another very important advantage of using spiral piers is that although they can be used for new construction projects, they are a great solution for projects where existing foundations failed. Instead of removing an existing foundation and throwing it into a landfill, entrepreneurs install spiral piers on existing bases to create a deep foundation system, contributing to a "green" environment.

This is just a few of the benefits of spiral piers. Since each project is a bit different, a number of factors may be the right solution for the project. Check the structural engineer or the local repair service provider to check if it is correct for your work.



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