Here it grows again! Huge false assumption We all lived

"Science, my son makes mistakes, but mistakes that are useful because they lead less to the truth." that some assumptions we consider to be truths over the past 150 years are in fact false assumptions. . Nature is huge.

Historically, nature was based on the "Strongest Survival" model, which was later considered to be "the most appropriate survival". Charles Darwin saw nature as the world of combat and interpreted the world with the help of the lens. He found that certain animal species dominate over others.

But what? !! The best science of the 21st century now says that nature is based on a model that biology mentions as "mutual assistance and cooperation".

We followed Darwin's theory, and many of these bases of today's system are the "survival" of the most appropriate principles. Humanity has been conditioned to look at the world on these lenses.

Competition and violent competition are happening and we are sure to see in our world. However, this was now the difference of the most just nature of living systems. And the stronger the violence … it shows how we neglected the deepest truths of nature, "cooperation and mutual assistance".

Companies that are under control are now collapsing. In fact, how we solve international problems is an excellent example of these assumptions that we all have lived on.

But just as we once thought the world was flat, and man could never run a mile in four miles, and that was a bad thing … now we have the opportunity to make a quantitative leap again!

So here we grow again. Humanity is on a huge learning curve.

Peace is an equally viable alternative to the alternative, because when we work together to create the things we need as nations and the things we do together as a human family as a community that is much stronger, like fighting with each other.

And that's a good thing. For all mankind.



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