How can God's peace be?

You do not have to look or listen to the news until you realize that our nation and our world are facing serious challenges. They interfere with us because they threaten our quality of life that we know and love. The question is how to make peace in a stormy world like ours

During the mountain speech, Jesus said these words to the crowd: "Do not worry about your life what you will eat or drink, or about your body that you are wearing" (Matthew 6:25). I believe that many people today are hard to obey what Jesus says here. This is because these basic needs – food, water and clothing – are among the things that many people worry about every day. In fact, if there were no food stamps, homeless shelter, charitable organizations, and the like, many Americans would literally die today.

So how can we live in the world of insecurities, in all the burdens of life, and not worried and worried? Well, let's first talk about what causes anxiety and worry. This is when we encounter challenges in life that overwhelm us and we can not figure out how to control them. You see, as long as everything's OK, you're in peace. But when things get off the rail and we can not get them back on the track, we'll worry and worry.

So, let me share with you some references to how God's peace in your life. First, the Bible says that God keeps them in the perfect peace whose minds remain (Isaiah 26: 3). So, to achieve perfect peace, we need to do the things that will help us to keep our consciousness. These include access to the Church to listen to the Word of God, personal Bible studies, on the Internet, on TV, on radio, and so on. Listen to and watch Christian content. We need to do these things instead of living in an empty, secular environment and listening to local and national news all day.

Secondly, God's peace in the Bible says, "Do not worry about anything but prayer and petition in all things, thanksgiving, show your requests to God. All the peace of God that comprehends all understanding protects His heart and mind in Christ Jesus" (Filippi 4: 6-7, NIV). This passage, written by the apostle Paul, echoes what Jesus said earlier. We do not have to worry about anything. When we obey God in this regard and simply mention our requests, He gives us the supernatural peace.

God wants us to make wise decisions in life. He wants us to make intelligent planning for the future. But he does not want us to worry. He is our heavenly Father and promises to take full care of us. When we really believe, peace will fill our lives.

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