How can I find peace in my life?

Have peace on earth and let me go with me.

~ Sy Miller and Jill Jackson ~

When we think about peace, we focus on what is not. Peace does not conflict with each other or in ourselves. That means it's not a war. It's part of it. We have an idea of ​​what we do not want. But it may not be war or conflict with anyone, and there is still no peace. Sound strange? It is not the case that peace is seen as a lack of conflict.

Here is the definition of peace proposed by Christophe Barbey by the Peacebuilding Institute: "Peace is part of the right and obligation to preserve, restore, restore, and restore human dignity and the creation of permanent harmony."

in the sense of peace, not a concept or invention of people or governments. Peace is part of recognizing that human life deserves respect, and we all live in a sense of dignity at human birth.

Of course, people did not always look at people's fellow human beings. Throughout history, people see different groups of people as possessions or objects that are bought, sold, and used improperly, just like any other. Some countries may only vote for certain people. Others can not be considered as full citizens.

If we see all those who have the same human dignity as others, we will necessarily change each other's views. There is no one below, fewer citizens, no right or unworthy of getting into a debate on local or global behavior.

We all have the same dignity and respect this dignity for each other. When we determine peace in this way, we learn to approach one another with generosity, empathy, common sense, and nonviolence.

With regard to peace, this is not necessarily part of how some people and individual nations are approaching each other at this time. It was an exception rather than a fixed history and perhaps before. Yet it can be a goal for the future and will be beneficial for all of us, and we will offer a healthy alternative to the destruction or control of our own selfish goals.

Most people who pray pray for peace on Earth. Perhaps we think that God brings this peace. It was our peace, but we often return to times when peace does not seem to be available. Is this the fault of God? I do not think so. God left us in peace to find us. Unfortunately, we often deal with getting what we want and not working on what is beneficial to us all. The road to peace begins with itself. Let's start the journey.



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