How can peace and presence and harmony of mind and anchor rest?

There is a saying: "The most missing thing is missing in my head." For me, I miss LEAST for all the lost things. Often there was a chatterbox mind; when I had anxiety, my busy mind was like a crazy acrobat, I thought of the thought, jumped to the end. After 4 years of cancer diagnosis, my circus crazy acrobats came out in my eyes! I felt very motivated to reassure those painful failures and imaginations. As a result of my efforts I can say gladly … I lose my mind! and peace, presence and harmony. I would like to share with you the methods I do.

The most important thing is to draw attention to breath and body. Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, said: "You need an anchor for your presence, and the inner body is a wonderful anchor for your presence." When we focus on the body, the mind becomes quieter because we are not paying attention to it. Before my diagnosis, I don't think I'm ever fully committed to being in my body. Now I was fully occupied and I felt the dynamic enthusiasm of the earth suit! Here are three areas of my body that have become especially allies to keep my head and peaceful presence.

HEART: When I try to sleep and my mind is restless, I call my heart's consciousness and start breathing in my heart; soon my head will stop and sleep! When I talk to someone and notice the admiration in my mind, I send a light beam from my heart and immediately become more peaceful, loving, and connected (with them and myself). The HeartMath Institute tells us that raising our hearts to our hearts, inhaling into our hearts, and someone or something we love can create our bodies in a measurable state. This is a healing condition;

ABDOMEN: When worried thoughts start, I take a deep breath (belly is expanded by inhalation). This simple action not only leads to immediate presence, but also activates the relaxation response, the lymphatic system and the immune system! And I feel better in life!

FEET: When I go and find your mind to obscure something, I know that I get to my feet: I breathe, up from the ground to my feet, and I breathe through my feet, supported, interconnected and held by Mother Earth.

Awareness of any part of our body helps to reassure the presence of mind and anchor. I want to know this and learn how to do it in this life. I can imagine that my soul says, "There must be more in our bodies, in our hearts, in our feet on the ground, breathing deeply, and in full spirit and in this life. the answer is cancer! ”

I called for a more lively, presence and committed life to wake up cancer; for this reason, cancer was the ultimate lifeline to help me lose my confused mind (most of the time) and get the spacious Most. This peaceful presence can also cure my cancer. What a nice design – cancer was more and more present and cure cancer! (At least I tell this story to myself and I love this story!)

How's it with you? How can you help to lose your mind and record peace, presence and harmony in your life?

Janet Jacobsen
Oh No, Not Another & # 39; Possibility! Inspirational travel with humor, heart and healing



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