How can peace be found after the death of a loved one?

Are you at the point of your sorrow that you want this twisting pain to pass away? This is wearing you, and you only know that you will never enjoy again? And does it seem to persist and return every day with the same deep emptiness?

How long does the terrible pain endure? Nobody can say it because every sorrow is a kind. And as you already know, pain reduction begins and ends when you're ready. Here are what others have done to find rest, let the sorrow come and go but still love the deceased and keep it alive in their hearts. Taking action in such areas can ease your pain and ultimately lead to inner peace

1. Find your time with people who have a big heart, open mindedness, and consistently able to survive in great shocks. They are the ones who come back and continue to embrace life and invest in the world again. Learn how to do it. You may not be your family. Look anywhere, even in the books of revenge that survived great losses. They have many ideas.

2nd Love me better. It is easy to forget the fast-paced culture in which we live that love has a profound effect on every person; this is an essential element of life. His power molds and influences. The need to be part of a larger whole, value to others, or very close to a particular couple, is a reality that dramatically changes life. You can expand your love twice: you can continue to see love for the deceased and those who have come in contact every day.

In secession, they will love memories, symbolic memories of family reunions, and even talk to the deceased as you see it. The majority of love for others is manifested in being more tolerant and understanding those who disagree, less coercive and co-operative, are more consistent and respectful to everyone, regardless of their life situation. These are high commands but parts of the social heritage that guarantee peace in your life

. Never handle failure as an enemy. If you want the inner peace to see failure as a learning that will bring you closer to the goal. Do not uplift yourself for others or weaknesses, especially when you are mourning. As a former college basketball coach I told the players to make every mistake, just double the same. Select the factors that lead to the problem, learn from them – and get a new insight. All of us have many failures (lessons) ahead of us.

4th Join a group. It's as hard as it is, think about the group you want to share and find out what its purpose is. If there is no idea for a group, go to your Sunday newspaper and see the local section and the various group meetings this week. Take part in some gatherings and give yourself time to adapt to the new environment.

You'll be surprised at the new interests or hobbies that you can draw attention to. It stimulates your thinking in new directions. Among other things, group membership will fulfill universal needs and will help you focus on the outside.

5th Determine what you value most and use your energy costs to support that value. Think of it for a while, even if you feel that life does not make sense. Work tirelessly to release the thoughts, images and emotions that are huge energy channels. You know what it is. He may be a toxic person or a place. This may be the old wasting habits. Maybe even the lack of self-discipline. Maybe you have to let go of an old dream and create a new one. Decide what's most important and start building what you value.

In summary, changes always start from the inside, still so small. Finding peace is, for the first time, an inner commitment you have brought with you; Now that this is the highest priority, though sorrow is still fresh. Travel is sometimes cumbersome, and it does everything you can to end the seemingly insurmountable obstacles to inner peace.

You can defeat them by hanging out successful types of fighting who love a lot, shake their failures and come back to life and never stop learning. You can do the same in your own way at your own pace. That does not mean that you will ever be your old self. This means finding peace and affection and at the same time accepting the fact that sorrow will be transferred again – but you do not have to live alive in the shadow of the great loss.



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