How can you find inner peace with yourself, the world, and God with meditation?

People around the world have expressed their desire for peace in many ways. We often hear phrases like "Peace with you". Christmas people send greeting cards or sing on earthly peace. People hold two fingers in a "V" form that symbolizes peace. When a person dies, we pray that he "rests in peace"

The nations are constantly meeting each other in search of peace, and the organizations devoted to peace have been created in many countries, even a noble peace prize.

A peaceful mission is universal: people try to find peace in their own environment, within their families, within their workplaces, within their communities, and within the world.

It is odd that, although countless people are looking for peace over the years, achieving it is inevitable, some of us have found peace: what difficulties are the difficulties of life and lasting peace: is it really possible to achieve this goal?

First, let's examine what peace is, a dictionary that defines freedom, rest, peace and quiet. this definition is the answer to the question of why it is difficult to achieve peace. Life and strife are in your hands. We all experienced this. All the happiness we receive is often short-lived. Suddenly you can find the sorrows. Every stage of our lives is confused. Existence in the world is turbulent.

If peace is "freedom from strife," then it is not easy to achieve. Whether rich or poor, king or peasant, his life is burdened with a problem or something else. There is an instructive story about Lord Buddha's life that illustrates this truth well. The woman whose young son was dead was unconscious. He visited a doctor working in all areas to find out how to restore the child's life. Someone finally told him that there was an enlightened being, Lord Buddha, who could help him. He approached Buddha and asked him to help bring his son's life and ease the terrible pain in his heart. In the wisdom of the Buddha, he told him that he would help his son live if he first brought a mustard seed from a household where nobody died.

The woman was happy to follow and follow her instructions. She visited a house after another. Still, he got the same answer on every door. One or more members of the family died. Every household believed that it must be foolish to allow every family to live their lives, avoiding one's loss. So Lord Buddha taught him that death is the inevitable reality of life. We will die as a mortal one day. Illness and illness are other facts of life. We just have to look at our own existence to see how difficult it is to live without illness, accident or accident. Medical books are full of a number of diseases that affect man. There is no lack of accidents that would pass us through the life cycle. We live in an environment where we do not have complete control. Our death, misfortune, or sickness on our heads, how can we live in eternal, uninterrupted peace?

Even if our physical body is healthy, few can live without life. There are many events that cause stress. If we have a family, we know that the sickness, unhappiness, or discomfort of any of the patients are distressed. When two people live or work together, there are tensions due to differences in opinions or views. When we are not in peace with those we contact, we experience our stress and concern in our day-to-day activities. And this tension prevents us from driving happiness, happiness and happiness.

There are several other problems that disturb our lives. If we look for peace in our outer life, at best there are transient moments of silence. There are certainly times when we enjoy the warmth of love of our love, or the moments of happiness with some benefit or outcomes. But these moments are temporary. Life again inevitably raises other problems.

Great Mystic poet and saint expressed this beautiful in one verse: When I experience every moment of happiness, life comes and brings another cup of sorrow. 19659002] It seems that lasting peace in this life is virtually impossible. Life must be more than a pendulum in which we move between moments of joy and moments of sorrow.

Despite obstacles, we can achieve real peace in this life. But for this we have to change our mindset. Our viewing angle has to change. We tend to peace in the outside world. We hope to find it in our holdings, positions and relationships. but we are excited about losing any of them. Our peace of mind bothered me. Everything in this world is subject to change and possible decomposition. So as long as we look at the transient world of happiness, we will be disappointed. We need to change the problem. The anecdote of Moghul's Emperor Akbar's life can help in this regard. Akbar is one of India's brightest emperors. He had several counselors to assist with the leadership of his ministries. Among these, among them were Birbal, the wisest of them. He was very clever and could find solutions to difficult problems when viewed from a completely different perspective. One day Akbar wanted to try his advisers, so he introduced them as a puzzle. He caught a stick and pulled the line into the sand. He asks his consultants to try to shorten the line in the sand without wiping any part of it. Each one counselor took a turn, but everything was ruined. They could not figure out how to get shorter. Finally, Birbal stepped forward, took out the stick, and cautioned the line with the emperor's fate. But Birbal kept the line longer. Extending the second line has made its second appearance shorter

Resolving finding peace requires us to look at the problem from a new perspective. We can not change the nature and the problems of the world. But we can give a new dimension to life that gives us peace. Permanent peace can be found in us. Illuminated luminaires had in the course of history mystical experiences that demonstrated to them the existence of inner spiritual reality. [19] The Buddha found the enlightenment with the invert. Christ said, "The kingdom of heaven is in you." Muslim and Jewish-Christian scriptures speak of prophets who spoke to God. Mystics from all religious traditions describe their inner spiritual experiences. They spoke of celestial empires that exist together with the physical world. These are the empires of joy and love that are in us. These are regions of peace and happiness outside time and space. We can not change the basic nature of the world, but we can adapt to the worlds within us. In order to find peace in the world, we must first find ourselves. We can do this by changing our perspectives in life.

The way in which spiritual empires are attained turns through a process that is called meditation. Through meditation, we can separate our soul from the body to the excursion to the regions. We can learn how to meditate from spiritual teachers or mystics who have mastered this science. From these teachers we will learn that at first, the creative principle of the universe, which we call God, was alone. It is said that the oceans of all awareness, all happiness, all joy. When he chose to become one of many, his mind or creative vibration resulted in two primary manifestations: the Light and the Sound. The flow of light and sound was the cause of the whole creation. As you walked out of God, you created different regions or planes.

He created a plane of pure awareness. It is a range of beams that are like billions of billions of billions of exotic days. It is difficult to believe in our scientific age that anything is as bright as the billionaires a day. But even in the physical universe, scientists have discovered quasars or quasi-astronomers whose light is as bright as millions of galaxies. It's so bright that although millions of worldly years have been removed, scientists can explore them with modern means.

Since Divine Light and Sound continued to exit the source, another existing plane was created. This super-casual plane was named. Then the casual plane was created. The next plane is the astral plane. Finally, the physical plane in which we are staying is created. The physical plane consists of our universe with all stars and planets, our earth, our humanity and all other species of life.

In addition to the creation of different planes of creation, God has sent to himself the conscious particles of these worlds, the drop itself that we call souls. They lived on different planes of creation. The essence of the soul is like God. Pure spirit and all consciousness, all happiness, all joy. When he boarded every plane, he had to accept a cover or body that would fit the region's material. Thus the soul was dressed in casual, astral or physical planes.

In the physical universe, the soul is covered by the maximum layers or covers. The result is that the soul forgets and identifies with the bodies in which he lives. You forget your true nature and your stay in the spiritual empire. This forgetfulness is the cause of the unhappiness and ignorance of the secrets of life. His knowledge of creation, who we are and our God is in our souls. the soul is constantly conscious. But the coverings of the soul are so thick that the Divine Light can no longer glow. In order for the light to radiate again, we need to remove the different envelopes of the soul individually. Meditation is a process by which we can remove each slice until it is clear to a pure soul.

Different planes of existence have no physical position in our universe. They do not exist above or below, in the void sense, as we know it. They're in us. The way to reach them is not any form of external travel, and not any spacecraft, even if we move faster than light speed. The way to achieve such realms is by entering the turn

Meditation is a simple method for overcoming the physical body and passing through the inner planes. Meditation requires focus on a specific point in the body within which we can enter. The external manifestation of our soul is the attention. In general, we have been expanding our attention in our body. With our five senses we know our physical body and the outside world. These sensations affect the eyes, ear, nose, mouth and skin. We are aware of the world through the senses of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

A soul, aware of its true nature, has identified itself with the body and the soul. Instead of guiding the mind and the mind controlling emotions, the situation has turned back. The mind is pulled by the mind, and senses the senses toward the outside world. Outside experiences lose our attention and are tempting in the sights of the world. Most of us are looking for attractions that are pleasant and beautiful. For some, the landscape may be beautiful. For another person an architectural building can be attractive. Cars can be beautiful to another. We enjoy the gentle sounds. Some people listen to classical music while others are listening to rock music. We are attracting sounds that we find pleasurable. We are very attractive for delicious meals. And sweet smells and touch feel us. These external attractions make it difficult for us to withdraw our attention from the outside world. As long as we are identified with the outside world, we are confronted with the problems and mysteries inherent in physical existence. We have spent time searching for secular pleasures, but they are only for a short time. In us, we find regions that give us lasting peace when we turn our attention and rise above the physical body and lie in us that gives us lasting peace.

We have an opening or a door to enter our attention into the higher regions. This entrance is located between and behind the two eyebrows. It is called the headquarters of the body's soul, and many religions and philosophies are mentioned. It was called one eye or third eye or tenth door. If we can turn our attention away from the outside world and concentrate on seeing the light of the higher regions at this moment. As our souls gather at this point, they rise to the other side. This is the same point through which the soul moves at the time of death when the soul leaves the body. Over the past thirty years, many doctors have been documented by medical doctors in a field of study that should be called close to the deaths. These are human experience reported by people who were termed deadly but were brought to life through the wonders of medicine.

Interestingly, most of the survival of close-to-death experiences was similar. They felt as if they were passing through a tunnel, and they would turn into the light. Most of them said that they found so much peace, joy and happiness in the region that they did not want to return to this world. Children are near death-related experiences. Doctors have discovered that children enjoy the same experience as adults.

We do not have to wait for a physical death or an accident that can cause deadly deadly experiences to embark on the empires. through meditation you can learn how to arrive and get through the inner door.

Light and sound flowing from the creator will also return to the source. Light and Sound are constantly echoing in us. The current can be applied to the third or single eye. But in order to enter and concentrate at this point, we may need an experienced leader or spiritual teacher to show us how to gather soul in our third eye. First, we can see the inner light's vision and the flow of sound.

It is difficult for us to concentrate on the soul's headquarters and to interact with Light and Sound. The mind is still absorbed in the outer world and it does not allow us to concentrate on the tenth door. We can do a little experiment as well. If we close our eyes and try to sit down, concentrating on our attention, we will find that our minds are that our minds start bombarding us with thoughts. After a few seconds we will be restless and want to move our eyes. We find we can hardly sit. Then the mind begins to think about one thing. There will be so many distractions that will concentrate on us. Although the wonderful regions are located within us, we could not get into them. We need to learn a technique that we still have in the body and mind to find peace, love and happiness.

To help keep your attention alert, you have to repeat certain sounds mentally. This spiritual repetition preserves the mind not to wander or to enter into thoughts that can ignore our attention. The mind is like mercury, and it can not be. You have to do something. By examining our daily activities, we find that we are not dealing with our physical body, spell, reading, or other activity, then the mind begins to walk and generate thoughts. He can be in Chigago for a moment, and in the next moment he can be Marson and can be anywhere else. The mind acts so fast that it is difficult to maintain. But by mental repetition, we give something to the mind we need. and the better way to engage the mind than repeat the soothing sounds.

While we hear these voices, we focus on our third or only eye. We are staring at the area before us. As we concentrate on what lies ahead, we begin to see the different colors of lights. These are the lights of the higher regions. Keep focusing on the inner sky, the stars, the moon and the sun. Then we move on the astral plane. The physical body remains calm in meditation, but our attention is entirely in the astral area. A silver cable connects our souls with the physical body so that when the meditation is over, we return to the peace and joy of our physical body.

Then we move through the casual and superstitious planes, the lower bodies until the soul reaches the purely spiritual realm where it shines in its glowing light. Here we seem to be pure spirit, pure soul. At this stage, our souls merge into the ocean of happiness, peace and happiness. We are fully aware of our true self and our God.

The benefits of learning meditation are many. The soul goes to self-knowledge and returns to the source from where it came from. We become all-knowing. We find solutions to the mystery of life and death. We are aware that death is nothing more than passing a door from one realm of existence to another. We are able to cross the threshold to higher realms and return to the glitter of the eye. Death no longer sustains any fear, because we know that we will never die, but only go to another realm. And these regions are more beautiful, more peaceful, and happier than any place on Earth.

The more we get in touch with Light and Sound, the more happiness we experience. This is the state of peace and joy when we return to the physical world. It becomes part of everyday life.

By acquiring meditation, usually by guiding a spiritual teacher, we achieve not only personal fulfillment but also become a tool of peace and pleasure for those around us. When we merge with the Creator, we realize that all living beings are the children of the Father. We know that the light of God in us is everywhere else. We know that all are brothers and sisters with the Creator. At this stage, we strive for true love for everybody, our fellow human beings and all creatures. We become ambassadors of God's love. They radiate love to others. We are starting to care about others. We overwhelm the labels our societies have placed on people. We do not distinguish between people on the basis of wealth, color, religion or nationality. We must become an integrated man. Sant Kirpal Singh Ji used to say that if we are a Christian we become a true Christian. If we are Jews, we become a true Jew. If we are Hindu, we become a true Hindu. If we are Sikh we are Sikh. If we are Muslims, we can become a true Muslim. And that means we live our lives in the essence of each religion. The key is to get to know ourselves, know God, and develop love for everyone. Each religion teaches us that we are children of God and that we love each person we meet in our hearts. If we understand God's Light in us, if we experience ourselves, we will listen to the same Divine Light in others. When peace fills our hearts, it radiates from us. If everyone sees this understanding, then there will be real peace on this planet.

By acquiring inner peace, we can reach outward peace. Some people mistakenly think that the way of meditation is one of the escapisms. They feel that one has to sit in a cave or a climber like a retired. But meditation does not lead to escapism but survives. This is one of the most effective ways to actively work towards external peace. Meditation encourages us to maintain a balanced life in this world. As we progress to our spiritual development, we lead a productive life, fulfilling all our responsibilities.

We have to look for a just life. We must take care of our family. We must contribute to our neighbors, our community, our society, our nation and the needs of the world. Whichever task we undertake, we do our best. The spiritual path is double. We achieved inner enlightenment and peace. Then we use our talents and skills and the gift of our human life to make the world a better place, creating a peaceful place. If we are a doctor, we need to be the best medical practitioner. If we are a carpenter, we have to be the best carpenter. If we are a musician, we could be the best musician. So we are developing our society and improving our lives for everyone. By developing our inner and outer life, we become full human beings. We find satisfaction and peace for ourselves and help others reach them.

We may not be able to eliminate all the problems of the world, but through meditation we can achieve peace and happiness. Our family's life is peaceful, loving and caring. We can help change the society we live in. What can be the source of peace for all those around us? By leading a life in which we pray and love others, we become an ideal person. Sant Kirpal Singh Ji says that it is difficult to become a human being in the true sense of the word, but once we do it, it is not difficult to find God. And that is the highest goal of human existence.



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