How Do We Feel God's Peace?

Today in our world there are so many things around us that we do not understand and we can do little. The Gulf oil spill, earthquakes and tsunami, as well as the growing disturbances in Arab countries, the recent natural disasters are unlimited in frequency and magnitude.

But God can give us peace in the midst of these difficult times. One of the most impressive thing in the Bible is how it provides practical solutions to all aspects of our lives. So let me introduce a section that tells us how we feel the peace that God alone can give us: "Do not be angry for anything but prayer and petition in all things, thanksgiving, show your requests to God, all the peace of God, which goes beyond all understanding, keeps his heart and mind … "(Philippians 4: 6-7, NIV). Now let's look at the three elements of the guide for peace.

Do not be nervous. It is natural to us that we are worried and worried when our personal world appears to be disintegrating and we can do too little about it. But as the people of God, we must learn to take all our care to the Lord (see 1 Peter 5: 7). The better we do this, the less nervous we will be about life. This leads to the second element of the path towards peace: […] In prayer and petition, present your requests to God with thanksgiving. This is the means by which we trust the Lord, as I mentioned above. Notice that the verse circumvents the fact that, with concern, he instructs us to ask God for everything. This tells us that we can deal with the two things that raise the stress to us. We may be concerned or worried or ask God for thanksgiving. But how can I pray – thanksgiving – for something that dread me? request. Those where our faith in God came. We have to believe that if he orders us to do so, we can do it. The first few attempts are not going well. But we have to discipline ourselves and have to make this way of life.

And the peace of God that goes beyond all understanding preserves his heart and mind. When we learn how to replace the natural tendency to pray with God – thanksgiving – He gives us a peace that only He can. The Bible repeats this peace that outweighs our understanding. This means that in our natural nature there is no way to know this peace.

People are looking for peace today in all sorts of things and in other people. But these are all faint as the peace given by God. The idea never goes to the human mind for peace to be the level God has given. This is because God's peace goes beyond our understanding. It is better than any peace on this earth. Although our consciousness can not imagine this peace, the good news is that God gives us when we learn how to overcome anxiety by taking care of all our prayers.

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