How do you value the home base under home surveillance?

The foundation is the most important element of home or commercial property. Before purchasing a new home or buying a new business, insurance companies are increasingly asking for home checks to protect the buyer for future expensive repairs. So what is a home supervisor looking for when valuing real estate?

The first thing to look at is the foundation and other support elements. If the foundation crashes or is shaken over the years, it can be a cause for concern. Solid foundation is critical to the structural integrity of a property. Foundations can move, swell or float, meaning that the underlying soil was not adequately filled before the foundation was established and now settled, so the parts of the basics literally floated in the air. The type of underground soil can also affect the stability of the foundation. Soil can be packed or moved, or if the sprinklers are close to the house, water damage can slowly damage the base. As part of the basic inspection, the separation of wood is also investigated.

Another element to look at is adding to existing home. If so, how does it support the current structure? Did you change the whole foundation or create a new fund to support expansion? If a terrace was built without the plate or foot, what is the support for this structure?

Underfloor ventilation is tested to meet the specification. Flooring areas should be ventilated. This is done through the openings of the external base. Direct ventilation should be provided and a net area of ​​1 square foot on every 150 square meters of floor area. All openings must have corrosion-resistant wire netting with an opening of at least 1/8. You must have access to people at least 18 "x 24". Underground floors should not be blocked by obstacles or channels, according to

Drainage systems, sewage pipes and oil cooler pumps are controlled as they are located inside the base footprint. Houses can be moved over time, pipes leading to the house and from the house may be compromised.

Specifically in California, seismic fasteners and stiffening elements have to be investigated and it is necessary to investigate whether the security of property is to be provided in the event of an earthquake.

While the foundation's investigation is only a small part of the home inspector, it is cruel.



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