How to base basics?

Foundation is a method that increases the depth of the base. This can happen if a developer wants to add more stories to a building. In addition, the foundation may damage tree roots and the method used for correction. Neighboring construction may have lower bases than existing ones and should therefore be reduced. If the basement construction is very close to an existing building, the foundation must be changed. This is because of the stability of the existing house. Cracks may appear in a building up to the base, so foundation remedies are needed.

Foundations can be based on an engineer, but can be supervised. This work must follow the instructions for safety. You must grab the work area before starting work. The works last from about excavation to completion for approximately one month. Measures and maps the workspace. Work has to start from the inward working corners. This is only done on load-bearing walls. Foundations without load-bearing walls are free. Faults on walls can be corrected using the simplest methods

Fundamentals are supported by excavations. This should be done on striped soil. One meter long, half a meter wide and half a meter deep depths. This is done in two-meter intervals. This is the distance between the pits. After excavations, massive concrete is added to the cavity. The mixtures are a part of cement, three part sand and six part aggregates. The concrete is good for consistency and pours into the cavity. Use Forms on the Edges. Use a rod to ensure that the cavity under the existing base is full.

After the supported concrete is placed in the cavity, it can be set for two days. The operation is repeated at the next bay. This will continue until the required foundation is completed. Make sure the concrete is thoroughly healed before loading. The next thing to break the projector base. Cut the concrete from the dense concrete surface. after being completed in all coves, the soil is thoroughly filled and compressed. The irrigation is done with a hose to stabilize the soil. This is done when the work is completed



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