How to bring peace back to the problems of marriage?

It was about October 17th. At about 16.00 (16.00), when Mr. Paul was a member of a Christian church, he treated another lady of adultery (infidelity). The Clergy and the curators prompted him to discuss the question of his disbelief. The wife (Suzy) was also invited to listen to what they would be discussing. When the meeting began, the clergy broke the news that the husband (Mr Paul) was sleeping with a lady (Rose).

After talking, they asked, "What do you say about this?" He replied, "True, you said you were practicing your husband in infidelity, but I do not believe it and I do not think my husband can always do such a disgraceful act in our marriage house."

Clergy and its members are angry and frustrated to find the meeting approach. Both houses were home-away, and when she walked home, Suzy told Paul: "I know too well that every statement was true but I decided not to wash dirty linen in public." I do not want to condemn you again, but I keep what I'm going to do with you when we get home. "When they arrived, Paul knelt on his face and turned to Suzy." Honey, I'm sorry about all the confusion I've caused you and my family, the fact that I was not condemned by the public despite the shameful act. You stand by me in the midst of the crisis. I promise never to hurt or shame again. Suzy looked into her eyes and embroidered. Suzy forgave her husband to the shameful and confused family. With this great attitude of humility, the family crisis has completely healed. There is no marriage without a crisis, but no matter how deep the crisis in any family is:

The Principles That May Restore Peace to Their Marriages

1. Do not wash dirty linen in public. Discuss your problem at the four corners of your room and announce that the problem breaks or damages the relationship better.
2. Protect your spouses even in spite of the impossibility. This protection creates confidence and security. Facilitates the spouse in his arms.
3. Enter your error quickly. The sooner you admit your mistakes or mistakes, the better you save your marriage or shipwreck.
4. Kill your pride. Pride and arrogance will ruin your marriage. It will be proud to see you when it falls.
5. Love for the family. Do you like your family, your kids, your wife and your husband? With love to the family that you will be together to restore, you can love it; too late.
6. Deceived heart. Learn to forgive your spouse, regardless of whether your godfathers have found you. Forgiveness heals the broken hearts and makes your life health.



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