How to build a Kids Playhouse foundation from scratch

When building a children's playground a solid foundation is critical to the safety, strength and attractiveness of the playground. In order to ensure that the foundation is ready to make the property, we will provide you with the next step-by-step method to give the resulting playhouse childhood enjoyment of the game.

Select a well-drained area to the play area. Place the perimeter of the playhouse (footprint) with a mason's line or another string and cut the grass or dirt using a garden shovel. Remove grass and vegetation from the area covered by the base of the playground. Form a shape on the concrete base through 1 x 4 or 2 x 4 lumber. The form must be kept in place, defining the edge and the thickness of the concrete slab by two to three meters each. It must be at the top edges of the form, so the tables used for this purpose should not be twisted or twisted. In addition to the shape of the wood, there is a steel wire mesh, crushed aggregate or sharp gravel, sand and cement. In addition, you must rent or borrow a vibration plate soil compactor.

If the building area has been extinguished, fill up the area approx. 3 cm thick, grade 5, crushed stone and wrap it with the compactor. Cover the layer of crushed, compressed layers with 3-4 inches of sand and soften with the compactor. The sand layer is critical to curing the concrete to maximize the strength of the sheet. The sand layer also helps prevent cracking of concrete while the concrete is expanded or contracted during cold or hot weather changes.

Place the shape of the wood in the prepared area and then use the stakes on the form to secure it to avoid moving or moving when adding cement. Again, it should be the shape, so you have enough time to adjust the shape at this point.

Place the steel reinforced netting over the shape and cut the netting to fit inside the shape. At the time of casting the cement, pull the net upwards into the center of the cement. Finish smoothly the excess concrete from the top of the shapes so that it is even and even. Allow the concrete to be repaired and removed and secured bets.

It has a solid foundation, its level is stable and safe for dreaming as a children's playhouse



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