How to choose a suitcase for your skin

Cream Foundations are usually the best selection of most makeup artists. Available in sticks and seals, they provide a very good face surface. This consistency and texture provides a rich and perfect surface that is easy to apply and thus delivers a fine face.

Provides a pure and full face surface, with liquid foundation giving a very natural appearance to the face. In most oil-based and water-based formulas, most women have preferred, as they are easy to apply and fit into the skin just as well as the skin. To get a foundation that fits perfectly into your face, make sure you choose a color yellow color.

The basis for the dual active powder is the so-called fast-fixing base that begins as a cream and absorbs the face and is easily dispersed in powder form. This function, this is a powder and a foundation in one.

first What is the best basis for my skin?

Basics of Normal Skin Basics

When choosing the basics of normal skin, there are many things to do, as there are many types of cosmetic basics in different shades. Often the main difference is the price. The tag is the best guide. Read the label and make sure it is dry on normal skin and that it is not acne so it will not clog the pores.

Face-to-face foundation for acne prone or oily skin

The best basis for oily skin is water-based. They usually come in liquid form and offer a pure and complete face-painting, with a maximum of four hours of reflection. This problem can be solved by using a loose powder after priming to keep the priming longer and absorb excess oil. The oil-controlled product is excellent for oily skin. Again, select a product that is not acne as this will provide you with exhausted pores and will not exacerbate the condition of acne. For greasy skin types find labels such as oil-free or oil-control products – these products are generally water-based.

The basis of dry or sensitive skin

It is often recommended for dry or sensitive skin to be cream-based, moisturizing. Because they have full faces on their faces, they can stay longer. Keep in mind that before applying make-up to face, face should be thoroughly cleaned with a gentle face wash and moisturizing cream; this also makes it easy to apply the foundation as the moisturizer helps to smooth the primer. For dry skin, the moisturizing primer is best to look for labels such as moisturizing or moisturizing.

Combined Peeling

For Combined Skin, choose a skin-balanced product that would be perfect for this type of skin. If you do not find this product, the combination of liquid primer and powder in translucent form contributes to the glow of the T-zone. For combined skin, you need to know if your skin is on the oily side or on the dry side and you can choose the right formulation – for this type of skin type, cream-based foundation is recommended.

2nd Selecting the Foundation:

– Find out what skin type you are. Before you buy the right primer shade, you first need to determine how well the product is to your skin; is your skin dry? Oily? Or both of them?

– Do not forget to lay it down. Your face needs to be clear enough to check the shadow on your face and see clearly what the skin tone is or not.

– Choose three or four shades that you think are suitable for skin color. It must be as natural as possible. Generally, yellow-based shades give every skin tone a natural look. For light or decent skin, the primal pink shade is best.

– Know the foundation if you use small amounts near the jaw (not on your wrist), you will decide.

– Learn the shadow of your foundation as you shadow on your jaw. Carefully examine the mirror with an open window where there is natural light. The shade chosen is the shadow that you do not see because it fits well with your skin.

It is best to first buy a base in a small container. After you get home, try again. Bring it back if you feel the shadow is inadequate. If this is perfect for you then go ahead and buy a larger container.



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