How to choose the right base color

Many women of different ages have difficulty in choosing the right base color for their skin color. Have you noticed a woman who seems to be a little orange or pink? Oh! And have you ever seen a woman whose neck is completely different in color from her face? These types of problems usually occur when a woman does not understand the concept of underlying skin color. . The foundations of Chain Drug Stores or Mass Merchandisers, such as Target, are wonderful places to buy foundations until you know the exact shade. Most packages in these stores do not help to choose the right color for your skin.

The basic skin tones are warm, cool and neutral. Those skin tones can be explained quite by themselves, although I will explain it a little further to make it easier to determine which skin tone you have. If you think of warmth, you should turn to gold, gold, yellow, bronze, burnt oranges. At this point …. Try a piece of clothing in one warm tint to make sure it enhances your natural beauty. In some cases, it will be yellow or orange red on the skin color, which is dead in the wake of being warm. My personal feeling is that it is much easier to find a really cool toned girl. You will often see blue or blue green skin color on very thin skin, cool, toned face. Think of silver, blue and very rosy blue. You also want to look for veins that are blue or blue green. Now the best … Neutral. Do you look good in Pure Beige? Lucky girl when it comes to color cosmetics and clothes! You just have to be careful to buy a really beige base.

In the world of foundations, you find that most seem to be a bit yellow, which will work for the majority of the population. It takes a little time to match and I think it's a trip to a store or a cosmetic advisor. Try before buying, my # 1 rule, and I also recommend that you look at the color in natural light. Otherwise, it will be done by the ridiculous cosmetic cemetery of the foundations while continuing to buy the perfect foundations. Yikes!

The purpose of the foundation is to increase its natural beauty. Take your time … Get to know your business or, if necessary, consult a specialist to find the perfect foundation for your skin.



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