How to eliminate fear

Over the past 10 weeks, I have failed to focus on new clients, the gym, activities, or the physical world. I would just do what she did. I express unwanted thoughts, words, and old beliefs through the Holy Ghost. People may think, "You have a voice in your mind to be crazy!" And yet, the voice that spoke to you when he said it was a very similar voice. The ego mind, which is pure fear and negative emotions, and there is the divine mind (or holy spirit, or higher I or Mother Earth or God) that speaks to us with love, pity and understanding. When we go inside, the answers are always there!

Many people continue our days in infinite meetings, meetings, works and extra activities while trying to clean, eat, occasionally nurture the physical body, care for family and friends, and so on. Of these things we notice, "we must" make a choice at a certain level. We have decided to go to work, say that I have to find money to go to work, but we do not have to do anything if we let go of trust, life takes care of us. This process is to understand what reality is and what a dream it is. At present, most of us have a dream, a dream about the Ego, and time to wake up.

Dissociation with this concept most people do not trust. There are many problems, fears, concerns, concerns, or other people influencing their decision. I also handed it all over … I broke my own wall and I remembered it. The mind where every brilliant alkali was born with everything we could ever know – every response comes from them!

In recent weeks, my biggest achievement was that I was occupied in the gym (6 times more than 8 years ago) and gave the physical body desires with food. Earlier this was the fear of fatness, and yet what I found when I remembered, I was afraid I was thin. The fact that, if I'm thin (or I'm finally looking after myself), I'm ready to grasp everything that life offers. All magic, miracles, beauty, everything. I was afraid of my own power of what might happen when I let go of the last thing (food) that held me back. I also realized that the eighty-year-old and the eight-year-long eating I eat are a way to control my self. The Ego would lead to food, excessive food, limit or limit myself at any time, or I thought I should eat for some reason. No matter what weight I have in the past, I always wanted to work harder and force myself to eat healthier. It was not until I gave it up and decided that I absolutely loved myself, regardless of whether I felt "great".

When I let go, Ego DID takes it. I ate more unhealthy food than before. What I realized was that during everyday life I eat garbage food and I did not practice it is what I do, I believe in my body that I really can not influence who I am … so this part of me is eating he is afraid, so if I find out where this fear comes from, I can let go and I need to slip with him.

I would talk to myself as I ate (or sometimes it was merely unconscious) "I love you, everything will be fine, do nothing wrong, forgive me, you are not the body, you are right every day, I release to God and to the universe, and I am willing for the Holy Ghost to work in my mind to understand where this whole binging began. "I would not beat myself because I felt ill or I felt guilty because I no longer identified myself as this body. I am the Spirit, only consciousness, living on this body. Therefore, if I am a ghost, the spirit is perfect and my body is perfect.

After infinite search and awareness, I think that these brilliant revolutions happen that I had eaten the previous evening. I watched (and still look) my dream unfolded in front of me, meeting beautiful new spiritual friends, watching my vision, what I saw in my mind what I wanted, relying on my experience, all I asked was easy to engage in my life. Whatever I ate did not prevent any wonderful happening … so why did I feel guilty about eating cakes when I enjoyed them during the process? ?? I should not ever feel guilty. If I allow myself to follow the guidance of the Spirit, and only eat what feels good, I will heal. Instead of limiting myself because I think it is a matter of weight – I ask the spirit of which part I enjoy this meal and if I choose to eat, I enjoy every second and I know Love will be in me, not weight.

So you do not need to say that I woke up one morning and told you today is to eat when you love and love to eat – healthy, organic, natural, raw, vegetarian (as possible). I went out and bought an incredible amount of vegetables and fruits, and in the last 5 days I ate soup and juices. I was very excited and excited to give a life full of joyful life. I do not do this because it needs to lose weight, but because it feels good to nourish and purify my body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. I also started to exercise and went to yoga yesterday morning. Though I was not the same level of fitness as before, I was listening to my spirit and body, and I kept on the carpet every moment to forgive myself, let me go and leave it.

Life is wonderful and whatever you want. The most important thing is to be in your own mind. Learn from your own mind and guide it from a place that knows everything exactly as you are and then you have to guide what you need to lead from spirit / love, not from fear / ego.



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