How to express an urgency in an email without irritating people?

Some people think that if they simply take advantage of the CAP LOCKS key or throw a lot of exclamation marks, the reader will understand the importance of the email. It is not true. The only thing this kind of messy, face-to-face approach complicates the message.

So how to express e-mail urgently? Follow some basic guidelines.

First, spend a few minutes with your thoughts to avoid sending a damned, multifaceted, multi-fold text. You may want to create an e-mail that was only for you to immediately pick up all your thoughts with the intention of organizing them later.

If you're ready to use an edited version, use the white space

Let's start with a brief statement of urgency like "This is an email replication response" or "Please read and reply to budget support business closed on Tuesday "

Spell the cause of urgency in a single sentence. Say something like this: "I have to answer Joe on Friday until 17:00 to secure the order by the deadline."

Creating sequential bullets, so it is easier to follow the reader. Start at the beginning and think about any process that leads to this day to understand your thinking habits.

Be accurate about the answers you need and those you've already decided.

Give some possible solutions. This allows the reader to make it faster, yes or no, and can become problem-solving. Briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed solutions; then determine which one you prefer and why. This approach can consider a bigger question on a simple, yes or no request.

Offer to make a decision if the recipient is too busy.

Keep track of a short phone message or stop your office from knowing it has sent you an email that needs response. Do not go into the details, just let him know he can do it when he's ready. And finally do not weep wolves. Everything can not be an emergency, so it is urgent to save the deserved questions.



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