How to Find Peace – Places where peace lives

Most of us are looking for peace, trying to find peace, looking at the wrong place, looking from the outside to find it.

In order to experience this physical reality to be human, we need contrast in order to experience and grow. The contrast is experienced in the duality of earthly life; positive and negative, good and bad, yin and yang experience.

The problem is not with duality, which in fact does not exist from an "eternal" perspective – our perception of the problems has created our sufferings.

Everything is good – even if it is bad
"Bad" is nothing more than a frame for "good". He could not know and experience the good without knowing and experiencing the bad. Joy can not be felt without realizing it and knowing what makes you sad. Like the four seasons, every time and event is located under the sun.

If you're in a difficult position if you can find a silver lining in this dark cloud in some way and thank you – this cloud can start rising for you and you may experience a flash of sunshine reminder to let you know with you that the sun is still there. Always somewhere day on the ground.

Like the waves of the sea, we have moments of life when things are low when it falls into the sea and everything seems to be lost. And like the space between breathing and the breath world, there's this point where the tide rises or falls, it's where he needs to find peace. This is the middle path as Buddha said, where enlightenment may be the place between places.

The Place to Find Peace
This place is the center of the Vortex Center, the center of the hurricane's eye, where everything is peaceful and peaceful. To get to the center, you have to go. There is no other answer. If you're curious about the answer from the outside, you throw yourself into the hurricane and wear a rag doll.

And when these global events occur that send others, when you know and live in your headquarters, then nothing will bother you from the place of peace except you.

We are the cause of our own suffering and we are suffering because we continue to judge what is good and bad in our lives. Let go of the sentence and leave the suffering.

And when you do that, you go to the hidden valley where streams are happy to tickle the winding curves of the ocean, where the birds cheerfully dance between trees and lazy beasts of enthusiastic bees occupy themselves in their shops to know everything is all right .

Everything's fine.



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