How to Get $ 60 Billion Available among Danish Foundations

The examples and perspectives of this article deal with Denmark's rich charity fundamentals. Techniques have helped many people raise money from Danish foundations and can be useful for other types of fundraising, such as running a crowdfunding campaign.

The eight steps from the Danish foundations include:

1. Learn the industry
2. Set up your team
3. Direct to the story
4. Enter in writing
5. Finding and analyzing support
6. Creating a workflow
7. Execution
8. Evaluate


The Danes often tend to describe the Danish foundations as "closed" "insiders" and "not useful". It is very difficult to define a typical foundation, but the vast majority of foundations are "small", "not employed", and have a paper application every year.

Although there are a number of target-specific funds in Denmark, many Danish foundations are generic foundations that fund a variety of reasons, including: art, culture, social assistance, emergency aid, business, business, health, children, communities, international development.

Realdania is one of the world's richest charities and donated DKK 818 million in 2014 ($ 122 million).


Getting the right qualification in the team can be the key to successful fundraising. We recommend that you speak fluently on a Danish speaker who can break down existing language barriers. Other strong skills include analytical skills, curiosity, granular ability to use available mentors and networks, and a structured work style.


Before you start fundraising, you have to determine exactly what you are doing. I suggest people start to end with the protection of objective goals. What is Success? Where's your project in five years? Validate the idea among experts. Communicate with future customers and / or beneficiaries.


You have to believe in your idea and don't be afraid to show it to the foundations. Foundations are critical and do not want to finance projects that are not properly researched and planned. Make sure you make a thorough application and detailed description of the project in Danish.


The purpose of each foundation is communicated in a series of criteria (often in Danish). Applying grants that meet the objectives of the project increases the possibility of funding. Available Danish funds have very limited useful support dictionaries and online resources. The best book is "Vejviser til Legater og Fonde", which costs about DKK 1,100 ($ 167).

6th Creating a Functional Procedure:

The typical workflow is as follows;

1: Identification of the aid
2: Examination of the aid
3: Describe that the project and the intentions are in line with the Foundation's missions
4: Document preparation
5: Application for support
6: Register your activity.

Using the free cloud service, such as Google Drive, offers many benefits, such as synchronizing documents for team members and working in virtual teams. I recommend such integrated productivity tools: Google Docs and Google Table; work with standard application documents and store important fund information.


Powerful implementation is the effective repetition of the above workflow with the resources available to each foundation. Provide a point for the ranking of foundations that will be financed by your expectations and always be sure to comply with the Foundation's tendering procedures. We recommend that you engage in dialogue with foundations during the application process.


The course correction is your fundraising efforts, and most importantly, yourself. Every fundraiser makes a mistake, and you must confirm these errors by honestly modifying the fundraising appeal and the overall strategy. The goal is not to be good at fundraising, the goal is to be good with the funds you use to make the world a better place for the project.



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