How to get to Nirvana?

Question (Frank):

When I meditate, it's hard to get to the so-called zone. How do I get to the nirvana zone?


Achieving Nirvana State, while meditating, seems to be quite a common question for us who meditates. Can you expand a little how you practice? Your technique, how often, without getting into your personal lifestyle?


I was meditating in the morning before I started to meditate and sit on the floor in my room before the Buddha (my change can be said). And candle or incense. And go from there.

The only thing I haven't done before is to sit in a class or meditate.


Sounds like a great start. There is probably a lack of emphasis on "free yourself". I'm not sure what methods he uses for meditation, but it's important to free your mind from every thought and let it go. Just concentrate on your own breathing. In most of our patients, rosehip or "Third Eye" draws the attention to blocking receptors that allow mental purity.


Look at the diet and lifestyle. Stay away from what is not healthy and try to eat green vegetables. You can search. If you need a quick guide, you can get a 15-minute audio session with a traditional meditation guide in PDF format. Perform meditation and listen to the 15 minute audio recording with headphones. Let me know if this makes a difference. Because music is the basis of frequencies that make it easier to reach the zone.

It's important to use headphones. You will receive different frequencies for each tab. When the brain combines the two frequencies, it creates a third frequency that is usually not reached in the conscious state. This is why many people are successful with this method. It's like an automatic pilot. Try it out, please let me know the output.

With the help of brainwave audio technology, you can, of course, easily and easily control your brain in any of these states. This method can be used to easily induce any brain wave condition, to stimulate widespread neural activity, and to induce complete brain synchronization.

The brain is fully synchronized when the brain hemisphere works together, resonates at the same frequencies, and causes nerve cells faster. Research has shown that this kind of brain synchronization is present in the brain during clarity, creativity and inspiration. By listening to audio technology, your brain can train this high level of synchronization and open the way to positive and positive effects.



Was it possible to listen to a free session?


No, but using headphones while listening to meditation music really helped.


We were all in trouble getting into a deep, calm meditative state. Sometimes the necessary tools are sometimes needed. The penetration of the brainwave uses frequencies that automatically synchronize your brain to reach nirvana status!



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