How to keep the meat under subjectivity?

Do you know that your body is not yet saved?

not. At the age of thirteen, I gave my heart to Jesus. But I quickly noticed that while my part resembled God and God's things, like reading the Bible and prayer, another part of me still wanted the things of the world, the things of the flesh. I am the only one?

This is what really disturbed me when I walked with Christ. And because I didn't understand when I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, I doubted my salvation for more than a year. I'm not kidding

That's because I taught me a little bit wrong. I sing in the youth choir in the church where I attended and sang a song that said: "I look at my hand and looked new, I saw it on my feet and were too far. Because of the effect of the gospel preaching of the Lord Jesus Christ, but this song was bad

My hand is not new when I saved it.

This is the reason why a person feels wrong to act, even if he gave his life to Jesus. And if you have sinned in your body and have sinned, mental torture and sadness really hurt because you know from inside that I just want to be happy, my heart, disturbing and sister, God has done the way To control the godless desires. 3: 20-21; 1 Cor. 15: 50-58.]

But then we have to go to the Word of God and find out what we have to do with our bodies so that they do not be fascinated and prevent us from the will of God and back into our old ways of working from our past lives

Have you had any problems with your body? Your body, sometimes you still want to do things you know, is not right, things that do not match God's Word. We can all identify with this, right?

Maybe you have come from a spoiled life that is extra-marital sex. They've been saved now. You have given your life to the Lord Jesus Christ and you experience the power of his purifying blood that will destroy your sins and create a new spirit in it. Oh, the whole miracle. New, revived and resurrected with the life of God by the Spirit of Living God. And for a while, as you revealed in His presence. Yet after a while you began to retreat into your old life.

The feelings of wickedness begin to try and spoil to do things that God does not like. You wonder what the situation is. You're trying to figure it out. Distracted. What's going on? Did I really save it? I thought. People told me I was. The person who prayed to me told me I was. And the enemy says to your mind, maybe they haven't been saved. If you had saved me, you wouldn't think of such thoughts and you wouldn't want to do such things. Maybe you won't wash your sins.

Don't listen to this liar. The devil is a liar and a lie. Jesus said (John 8:44).

If the Lord has given your life to Jesus Christ, you are empowered by the authority of God's Holy Written Word (Rom. 10: 9-10).

The feelings you experience are because your body, although already paid by the blood of Christ, has not yet experienced his redemption. God, knowing this, encourages us to give our bodies to him and give it to him, always keeping control.

Even the Apostle Paul, who made more visits from the Lord Jesus Christ, and came into the third heaven, and heard the unlawful things that a man came to whom the revelation of Jesus Christ and the assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ came, said to keep his body subjected to Corinthians 9: 27. "But I hold it under my body and subjugate myself in any way when I preached to others."

Allow me to quote this scripture again

"De [like a boxer] My body [handle it roughly, discipline it but hardships] I am proud and humiliated because I fear that others should be unfit for myself after the gospel and related things [not stand the test, be unapproved and rejected as a counterfeit]. " (9:27)

Why should Apostle Paul keep his body? They were saved, right? If someone with true bona-fide and authentic experience with God was Paul. Yet he had to discipline his body with difficulty, and he had to roughly handle it. He had to do his body to obey God. Why should Paul do this? The answer is because his body has not yet experienced salvation. Not saved. Paul saved him, but his body was not.

As long as the Master does not come and our body is changed, like the Apostle Paul, you must pride your body, roughly treat it, discipline the difficulties, and train to obey the Word of God. This will be contrary to God's will. But let your spirit, the real one, control this body and let it go. Don't let your body control your life. Of course, what you are trying to do seems to be fun and entertaining. But your body, if you allow it to control, will eventually destroy you and keep you from experiencing God's best life.

Let me prove this to you in the Word of God in Romans 8: 5-6, and 12-13: "For those who are after the body are aware of the body, but those who are after the Spirit are the things of the Spirit. because the enthusiastic (fleshly) minded is death; life and peace. ”

What can we do with our bodies? What is the answer to dealing with divine passion and desires? How can we win? This is discussed in more detail in another article. But now, please, listen to the apostle Paul's answer to us:

Romans 12: 1: "Therefore, I ask you, brethren, from the grace of God, to show your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable. Your reasonable service.

Here's how the Strengthened Bible translates this verse:

"That's why I ask you, brothers and beg for [all] God's mercy to make a firm commitment to your body [presenting all your members and faculties] as a living sacrifice, holy ( dedicated, dedicated, and pleasing to God, which is a rational (rational, intelligent) service and spiritual worship. "(12: 1, AMP)



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