How to make a reinforced concrete slab

Foundations carry the burden of building on the ground. This is a safe soil transfer capability. Concrete reinforced on steel sheet allows buildings to put more stories up. This means that the concrete base can have more loads. The ditch should be explored to the desired depth. This must be hard when the mattock is tested. Concrete should never be placed in loose soil. This may cause the house to collapse. The diameter of the fittings in use is one quarter of a inch.

On a reinforced concrete foundation, the works begin with the exploration of the depth of the ditch. The width of the trench is about two meters wide. Depth must be on hard ground and vary in location. High-yield rods are cut and tied together. They are made of three long bars that run the entire length of the trench. These will be the top bars. Bottom bottom plates on the wide edge of the trench are tied to the highest ones. An eight inches distance should be made when joining the reinforcing rod.

The depths of the foundation are set to accommodate concrete. Then, a blinding layer of two inches thicker is added to the ditch and brought up. The thickness of the base concrete is marked with steel axes embedded in the blind. This indicates the height of the concrete, which is 8 cm thick. The reinforcement is then placed in the ditch. This can not be directly on the blinding layer. Spacer blocks are placed below it to allow the concrete to flow. They provide the steel cover. The spacers must have two inches thick.

Once the reinforcement has been placed in the ditch, concreting can continue. care must be taken to avoid debris entering the ditch. This must be cleaned. In sloping locations, the primer enters a full-scale staircase. The concrete is mixed with cement, two parts of sand and three parts of ballast. The finished mixture is then added to the reinforcements. You have to rent it with the pins already in place. Then it spreads as it vibrates. It should be well healed for at least seven days to reach the force.



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