How to make a toy

The kids see the joy that people spent a couple of hours in a hammock. People in hammocks are generally happy and enjoy themselves, so I naturally want to extend this good feeling to their game. However, the problem does not know where to get one. You can shop online or in the leading game stores. But here's a better idea: show your children how easy it is to make a hammock playing with the basics. As a result, you can create multiple dolls, teddy bears and other games. Read on to find out how to make a toy.


1. Colored copy paper or building paper

2. Strong cord or embroidery thread or yarn

3. Ribbon or glue

4. Scissors

The first step is to determine the size of the hammock. Some children have medium-sized toy beds to accommodate many games, while some of them have a realistic approach if each toy has a toy hammock. Whatever your child wants, determine how long and how wide the hammock is.

In this tutorial, the dimensions will be 1 inches wide and 5 inches long. Simply cut the construction piece or color copy paper as you measure it. You also want a thick foundation; you can do this by cutting the paper 3 times the desired length and dragging it back to the desired length.

After scaling, it's time to fold. The harmonica folds along the entire length of the piece. Then alternate the triangular grooves on both sides of the folded paper. Now comes the slightly relevant part; shaped. To do this, unplug the grille and cut each corner at an angle. In the meantime, make two blocks to connect the end of the game hammock. Use your scissors and strong flange or embroidery thread or thread, cut two strings that are at least 7 cm longer than the hammock.

To track cut angles, attach three small ribbons under the vertical pages. Make sure to leave half the tape strips for later folding. Then place the thread on the outside edge of the game hammock. Now install the tape with the available half of the ribbon strip to secure the string on both sides. Before fixing the square ends, make sure that the middle parts are first glued. Finally, pull the tape or tighten the end caps to a pillar, a wall mounted hook, or an object that is difficult enough to bear the weight of the game. You've just made a toy; now place a small stuff and give it a bit.



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