How to make approximate amounts for the construction reimbursement?

If the developer plans to build the approximate volume after the design phase. This is by far the most expensive method of the project. This method of project cost helps your home owner not only recognize the total amount of the project but also the amount of the item or items. The amount of building objects or items from basics is usually substructures, over-surface masonry, superstructure, roofing and finishing.

Basements or substructures: trenching, priming blinding, concrete, steel, basewall, filling ditches, hardcore base, dazzling the base, wet roof membranes, insecticide treatment, concrete ground floor. In a good topographic average, the area around an area of ​​eight dollars per square meter should be set up. This rate may be used for the foundation works described in this paragraph to create approximate quantities.

Above the substrate or the superstructure is any wall that contains internal and external walls. This can be evaluated on six dollars per square meter to have an approximate floor area of ​​the planned housing. The cost of roofing would include roof covering, such as tiles, slate roofs, roofing, which means an average of eight dollars. In the case of the first or the other floors, which include concrete and reinforcement, an average of ten dollars may be within the building area of ​​the building.

The final finishes floor coverings, walls, or wall coverings on average seven hundred square feet of the design area. Add approximate amounts from basics, superstructures, roofs, and finishes to get construction costs for a full exchange rate. If the total exchange rate is $ 30, then pack it in accordance with the floor plan to get the building costs per square foot and adjust the adjustments to the planned house



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