How to "Peace"

I'm late to wish you a happy Christmas. I did not want a happy new year. Why?

Because I did not say words that you have not heard so far. The 2009 goodwill wishes and the trivial sweet messages were not strong enough somehow.

I may be late, but that's what I want to share with you and I appreciate being here, knowing it can make a difference, I know you know this and believe in your greatness.

"Happy Christmas – End to the World" John Lennon tried to get us up, so did Gandhi, so he was 12 years old when they started to riot between the power and the 16-year-old also reached to express they were really or even.

This is the time. The "shift" does not come, the "new age" is not on the horizon, here it is. Time is now the day has come up this new day and we are the ones who see it and hear the ears.

We can easily be wrong. It may be tempting to send your power without knowing it.

We can not wait for her father to fix the government to take steps to help Barack Obama save us, let's expect "someone to do something" so God can step in and keep everything in order.

Time is right now, you have power. You, I'm the people.

We are the ones we are waiting for.

It's time not to look at solutions and blaming others for our problems. It is time for all of us and all of us to sing the singing of peace, love and courage.

The illusion of the illusion rose and we woke up.

But in our foggy eyelash awakening that "we do not know" that he is almost convinced, he is still sleeping.

This is not the case. Are you awake! There is today, from the housewife to the school teacher up to the executive to the student, to have the change to see and express who you are of love and peace.

Marianne Williamson says in the sixties that he had a message … but where did he go? What happened? How come … died ? That hope, this freedom, where did you go? He literally died with the Revolutionaries when they were fired, and the fear of death stopped us fighting for freedom and they were all locked up. This fear stopped us singing the song of our soul. We were not well-grounded in our world to make a difference, we mixed the message of peace and love with drugs and physical love, and somehow we just went out of bed.

But now, things are different. We know we can not wait any longer. The fear of death is secondary. fearing that we may die or be injured or rejected or angry, the stronger fear, we are still a bit more annoying annoyance – That we could die without living our greatest truths today, without the greatest expression we can be.

From the fear that one day we will see his grandson and feel that we could have done more to ensure that our future is a peaceful, healthy and loving person in a safe environment. The fear of leaving him is the only fear you should pay attention to. Forget people to think or speak about you, let their judgment, invite, welcome. You know you're doing your music and your art is alive when you demand criticism. Now you have to spoil the good or bad opinion of others and pay more attention to a larger purpose, more meaning.

So you have to create peace with your life, your partner, your self. Make a mark for peace from the window. According to John Lennon's words, we must give peace. We need to think of peace while we wash, imagine peace while swirling the floors, breathe the peace and drink peace. We need peace, peace must be worked, peace must be loved and love for peace.

Forgive yourself and the people around you. Peace is grounded on Earth. Birth of a new era for grandchildren and grandchildren. Let's be together with such peaceful loving people who recognize our power and make a difference.

"So this Christmas – And what did you do? A new year … A new beginning …"

You're likely to figure out my new year's resolution. I hope this helps you re-examine yours and bring you forward and forward with joy and peace in your heart.

Katharine x



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