How to place a hardcore concrete floor

Hardcore is the underlying material. It is used as a bottom base after the foundation wall has been constructed so that they are lifted before casting the substrates. It is a recommended hard-rock ballast or quarry that can not exceed six inches if the sieve is broken down. This should not include weeds, roots, plant soil, clay, black cotton or other unsuitable materials. Broken stones or brick wings can also be used as hardcore

To place hard beds in floorboards, use good quality, smaller pieces, mixed with fine materials. This will provide a solid mass of mass after consolidation. It should be placed at a maximum thickness of 10 inches. For each layer, sufficient fine material should be added to allow for smooth gradation to achieve a solid mass after rolling. Ten tons of smooth rolling or two-color vibration rolls should be used to compress individual layers.

The eight steps of the roller compact each layer when the hard bed is placed under the floor. Give each hose enough water to maximize compression. Add to each layer a fine layer of sand or quarry powder that was forced into a hardcore by a conical vibrator. All materials used must always be dry to avoid cracking or adhesion. This can allow the pockets of air or free spaces. This can sink when the hardcore weight is loaded. If the sand is absorbed into the holes between the hardcore, it will solidify.

Tightly compress the hard fill under the floor until the sand is absorbed. The top surface should be level. Performing or qualifying levels corresponds to the desired falls. Subsequently, a similar, broken material blinds are added. This is at least in thickness. A ten-ton roller is used to smooth the surface. The hardcore mass is now ready for protection against growing, moisture-proofing and mesh reinforcement before cementing the ground floor.



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