How to Pray for Peace for Your Family?

And let the peace of Christ rule in your heart, which is truly called in one body. And be grateful.
Colossians 3:15

Peace and harmony is the direct consequence of following the Word of God and can now begin by planning in the Lord's house. You see God's peace when you follow your plan. Hallelujah, there is no substitute personal and direct intervention, such as Scripture, which gives peace. Again, the only way to pray for peace over your family is the way God does. This requires effort. This will add to your work and bring with you the energy of the Holy Spirit and around you in the name of Jesus!

Open Your Bible to Psalm 119: 165 Those who love your law enjoy great peace and nothing makes them stumble.

It is a strong foundation for walking in peace to keep its promised word. This is not something that happens automatically. You have to do all possible opportunities for God to open to pray for peace over your family. You must learn to keep your eyes from your contours and focus your spiritual sight on God who will create peace for you and your family. The fact that you will face problems and problems will not hold the gods a bit.

Turn your Bible into Isaiah 26: 3, you will remain in perfect peace who trusts you, all those whose thoughts are on you.

Peace will be when many people say it will never happen. But they do not understand that Jesus is the peace alliance for you and your family! Jesus said, in this world it will be a problem, but in me there will be peace. No matter what circumstances you can be sure, everything is fine. Hallelujah, Jesus constantly builds new ways to peace in your life while keeping his thoughts on him. Jesus does not hide from him, whatever comes to try to steal the peace, he must remain safe. Yes, it is always good to pray for peace, joy, and love for you, your family, and others.

Turn your Bible into 1 Peter 3:11, turn away from evil and do good. Seek peace and work to maintain it.

God's word lives and is full of spiritual peace and truth. Do not follow the world of peace and satisfaction. But work in the Word of God so that the Light of Jesus can overwhelm the evil of darkness, and God puts you in peace for peace. Remember, God always looks for people who are committed to praying for peace and will be in peace if God seeks for you. If there is no peace now, this is not permanent. It may change the power of God.

Turn your Bible into Mark 4: 39. He took and rebuked the wind and said to the sea: Peace, be calm! The wind had ceased and there was great calm.

God wants to crown you and his family with his wonderful peace and wants the obstacles to come against you to crash! Today, become God's Word, and in peace there will be failures, defeats, losses and failures.



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