How to protect the foundation plumbing tubes?

If you install any underground water pipes, you must protect them from the concrete in the foundation of the concrete building. You can use various products, the most common of which is styrene foam packaging, which can be purchased at most plumbing shops.

Let's start with plastic waste tubes. Concrete can actually put pressure on plastic pipes as concrete begins to expand and this pressure can really damage new waste tubes.

We do not need to close all plastic waste pipes, only waste pipes exposed or directly in contact with concrete, but we must protect any copper water supply pipes that will be protected under the soil or exposed to concrete by a plastic sleeve. These products can be re-purchased in most plumbing and plumbing stores

If these tubes are not properly protected, you may find yourself in a short period of time repairing the tubes that are buried under or below the concrete base. Anyway, that will not be good.

You must pack a plastic sleeve around the plumbing tubes that are burying or directly in contact with the concrete. This is the duty, and most construction departments will have to require packing of water pipe pipes before signing coarse water plumbing.

However, you can actually use cardboard for waste pipes to protect you. If the basics are short, why not grab the cardboard boxes, disassemble them and start using cartons to cover the pipes with a small band.

There are plenty of ways to save money in the construction industry, buy a few books, read a few articles, a lot of imagery that provide a lot of building information from experience building contractors.



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