I am that I am, I am the peace

Dear Lovers,

Welcome to Spirituality Inside and Out and Daily Universal Insights.

Welcome the whole world to the community of love, gratitude and unity.

Love. I love you. I love you. Because we are all.

I invite you to breathe in and let yourself be present with this prayer and meditation.

I am that I am, I am the peace

I am the, I am, I am the peace. Since I am peace, I am the only one who is all.

At this moment, my peace is for peace. Because we're all one of us.

Declaration for the Universe of Love.
At this moment of the Unity, we decided to let go of our anger, poisoning, frustration, fear, concern, doubt, hatred, envy, despair, criticisms, sorrows and unwanted emotions. hearts.

We choose this day when we remember our soul as God. We decide to be in peace, who we are and what we are. We accept that we accept peace and create peace through what we stand in our lives. We choose peace.

I am that I am, I am the peace. Because I am peace, I give my peace.
As soon as I give you peace, I will give to others as we are all One.

I am that I am in the presence of peace as I raise my arms I release myself as I come to the Heavenly heaven, knowing that Heaven is here under the Peace that I am.

It's me, I'm one. I'm with Peace. As I live in peace, I am peace.
Thank you for this Magnificent God and all that is the privilege of being alive and blessing those who have been handed over and handed over. Let's let go and let God.

As I let go and let God be in peace, knowing that God is always present and watching me and all those who are bound to God. As God is our Light, we allow our Light to shine today and every day. We will forgive and be like all of us are One.

We are very grateful for what we are and what we are. As our souls are happy to awaken, we are in peace and with the nearness and unity with God and with God.

I am that I am, I am the peace. I am Peace and I Love You to Be Peace.
If you are in peace, then I am with peace.
I love you, because we're all One.

Today, let us rest with God, and be Divine God, that God knows in our hearts that we are HEART HEART and Faithful to ourselves, to each other and to God.

I love you, and because I'm present in my life to develop with you in this lifetime.

Thank you for the peace.

Thank you for your Light.

Thank you for your love.

Because we're all one of them.

Be the one your heart desires.

And so it is. Cheers.

Love. I love you. I love you. Peace be with you.

Please continue and share these views with your family, friends, associates, helpers, bosses, teachers, students, and enemies to create an openness to creating the Unity.

Be the love and light of God and the universe, protect and heal you, your loved ones, and the planet Earth.

Love, Gratitude, and Respect,

Michelle Morovaty

Truly with God All Things Possible

© Copyright 2007 Spirituality Inside And Out, LLC



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