I choose peace

Each day is full of opportunities to make decisions. We will begin to choose the exact moment we awaken every day. How do I approach today? What are my problems? How will I deal with them? How will they influence my decisions for the rest of the day? And how do they affect others?

Are you asking yourself such questions? Have you wondered how the way you begin the day dictates your attitude to everything else that moves from this point? For example, the phone rings for an hour before it is ready for the alarm, and as soon as the phone is found, the other party will disappear. So you're lying and trying to regain your dreams of winning the lottery or anything else. As the astral plane starts to retreat, the alarm sounds. I'm sure the point.

Whatever it is designed, it's just placed under a dark cloud when many people like it. Some of us who enjoy enjoying sleep are really impossible to lose this precious time and we cough all day long for the sake of sympathy. (at least I) But wait. What if you take a minute, just a moment before you actually got out of bed? What if you were able to regain your power at the moment to decide for yourself that your day is going? Rather than falling into the illusion of a bad day, you decide to be grateful for another day and smile with your face on your face.

Well, I know it's easy to talk and maybe it's not that easy. But we found that in this way I became a gentle man in a noticeable way. When I do not want to make a bad day and decide to be happy with myself and my world, then it's good in my effort to get a good day. My days are not perfect. Some may even say that I'm forging it. They know I feel bad because they know I have the conditions.

I learned a very important thing for personal peace: It is a strange difference with gratitude and appreciation. Thanks is something I feel after having gone through something or after receiving something. Recognition is the choice, no matter what happens to me. I appreciate my excellent health, my family and friends, my successful business, and so on. I might have to face issues that are not ideal, but when I'm honored, I'm fine. Everything is alright. I allow the gratitude to pass after I have passed through the valley of insecurity.

I now have the main emphasis on appreciation. It helps in peace. It helps to be in peace. If I want peace, I am willing to offer peace to others. When I offer peace I enjoy the indispensable divine peace I have; only can be experienced.

Let your path be from the debris. Always have a perfect peace without having to look for it. And you can experience all that … always.

Peace is for you, valuable thoughts about you, and love for you! – jb



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