I want the world of peace and harmony


Robert Leslie Fielding: You are not officially trained, but here it really says that education plays an important part in building a person's life.

Fatima Surayya Bajia: That's right. I did not get any formal education to speak, but I appreciate the education.

RLF: Could you tell us why you feel that way?

FSB: Certainly. Take other benefits in life and compare them with the benefits they offer and qualify.

If we asked people what benefits they would best enjoy their lives, most would say they want to be rich; to have a lot of money.

RLF: I think everyone would think this is the most attractive advantage. What do you think?

FSB: I fully understand why people want rich, but I think if they really think of their lives, they want to be healthy first and last.

RLF: True, but healthy, which obviously comes first, the richest will be the rich. [FSB:] There he found the nails on his head with "the most popular" "People think that because the rich are part of the myths of modern culture, everyone wants to be rich, why not?" This is how people think.

RLF: So how do you argue that this is not necessarily the case? [FSB]: I'm going to argue that you are wise, conscious, educated, in other words, people in a much longer term.

If you mean life – three years and ten years, life has to run through many phases or stages Life goes through infants – in a time when we think we know very little, but in fact is the day most educated – in childhood when formal education it comes to the fore, but even when it comes to the climax of parental involvement through youth, where there is sometimes a rebellion, but still formal learning such as higher education, higher education, for example, and vocational education when receiving a young job; primarily by marriage and childbirth – typically characterized by learning and education – by teaching children and learning about oneself as one of their own young people and then in the middle ages, for most people the age of consolidation, good life learning, then in the old age, where we have time to meditate on what we learn in this long life

Did this life not be met with educational means? Naturally, money plays a role, but I claim that the part played by it is simply a facilitator that allows you to live, live physically well as a food in your stomach and on the roof above your head. This education is at every stage of life – the whole life – and denies that many things would be denied and denied.

RLF: Can you give examples of what you deny to deny the benefits in education?

FSB: Of course. To live without life without education that in reality could not have been spoken of in the true sense of the word. We talk about good life. What is that? Do you just have to eat enough food with a roof, a wonderful roof like the head? Surely not.

Good life is what matters to be responsible – for children, for oneself and for our partners, for the community, for society and the environment in which we all live. We can not count on any kind of life if we leave one.

The most important key to life's life, considering what I said, rational, thoroughly thinking about acting. We can not ignore each other, we can not ignore our environment – close and global, so we can not ignore the role and value of literacy.

The education that the "learned book" went beyond the recognition that the technological world intervenes in all our lives. And although some say the value of books is decreasing in computers at this time, the role of reading and understanding is just as important as ever. Understanding the world you live in is the most important business you can do.

Consider a person who has no understanding – or at least a wish, a willingness to understand. Such a person would surely be bad for all the ills of the world – moral, social and physical. A young person who only attends university, not only in the classroom, in the theater, in the library, or in learning, learns a lot from learning from other students.

There are many universities, but the least worth mentioning is the fact that some of the studies of individuals with their own age – people living in different parts of the same country – people with whom they can hardly encounter outside the campus campus .

Society – the nation community – is more closely associated with the relationship and not only means I'm in the same mall but I communicate in a way that is meaningful.

To deny this opportunity – to deny the opportunity to interact with their peoples wherever they come from and to deny the opportunity to participate in the important work of constructing the nation, the construction of society, the organization of the nation-called organization [19659002] RLF: That's right. Which nation is worthy of the name if its young people are not brought together in one place – together in one university. Home is really important in life, but it is home, that we are really women, is not it? [FSB:BiztosanAzelszigeteltség-azelszigetelődés-azönzés-nemjárulhozzáanemzetépítéshezteljesebbjobbanegészségeskerekítettszemélyiségkialakításáhozAszüleinkáltalkapottértékek-erkölcsivallásifunkcionáliséspszichológiaiésfilozófiai-azalapkőzetamelyenafiataloknőnekésvirágoznakérettséggéAzoktatássalkapcsolatosszocializációnagyszerűaszülőinevelésnek

If others grow, we grow ourselves, and we in turn are better equipped to produce another child into the world. All forms of education are the key to life.



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