I'm still shrinking when skin is lost (from world peace)

This morning it signals a new day, this morning in early hours, again in a moment of change of joy, weed weeds, which hopefully never spread.

On the bus with a girlfriend, so fond of feeling what could be ruined except for large size sweaters (potentially violent young people wearing a blazer), but all that was to be followed was the little discomfort, the first to satisfy our number. A little compromise for personal safety.

"Are you a lesbian?" asked one of us who was on the railroad; some of his friends were scattered around the seats I was sitting in; I realized that people were still standing, the other on the left side, literally; disguised on his face, which was only a few inches away from his own.

Does he leave us alone ?! & # 39; I just said a quiet and calm outrage.

"Er, you're a man," he said, turning away to go.

I cried in the 21st century as he turned to his friend saying:

This is a dirty tyrannical boy! & # 39;

Another group turned to my friend on my left and said, "Let them alone what you are doing this 21st century!"

I turned and said, "Thank you," and to Nelly I said, "Let's go down." & # 39; Shortly thereafter, the threat came back to the friends of the bus and seemed to pass. This was the last thing she threatened; I would like to say that the calm, the fear and the anger do not show the tactics I was worried about, or maybe there was a lady of fortune on my side that night; I did not buy a lottery shame because I would count billions instead of writing about luck.

I am convinced that the only way to world peace is for every person to seek their own inner peace and to live a full life, for those who do not respect peace.

Are I ready to face the world without carrying the bags of yesterday? I hope so.

Do you still drop back when the skin is lost? I try not, but it is not worth examining the claim.



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