I'm talking about peace

Some people say "you are talking to us". In other words, because you say this will happen.

I do not always agree with this, though I know that there is power in words, but often there is no need for much insight or deep wisdom to see something through destruction. There is no need to know that a terrible accident will be the end result. Talk or not talk.

I need to talk to Grand West. I know we still have to talk a lot about turning our lives back. I must tell him directly and clearly that a third person has no place in his marriage, except for the Lord.

As a result you may lose your wife, your children, and maybe your business. Not that I say something about her marriage. Only this will be the end result. It's as simple as one plus two. Continue your extramarital relationship and lose a lot of time. That's right!

I do not say something to someone when I say: If you do not want to keep peace every day, your marriage is on a very brittle bridge. Even the smallest, smallest breeze easily blows the peace in our marriages through the door and is actually the lack of peace that a space is created for the destruction to blow it. That's why Paul is so seriously, [15] that the peace of Christ is in harmony with each other. None of them go into this business and do their own business. And Praise the Lord Leave the word of Christ – the message – the running of the house.

What are you doing when you hit the gravel roads? Are you spoiling or moving toward peace? Do you take or consider the other one first?

Can I tell you something? If you always criticize the other, you've been hindered. If you always point out your mistakes, you will not choose peace. If you do not lay your love coat, there will be no peace in your marriage. And it does not say anything above you. This will be the logical result.

For one or other reason, the same thing has been faced over the last few times. Maybe we need to pay more attention to it. Perhaps you and I are committed to love and peace. Let us deliberately try not to answer ourselves first, not to criticize the criticism, and to leave the deeply buried mistakes.

I'm confident you choose peace!


Colossians 3: 12-17


]] Reflection

Again I ask:

Where does peace not succeed?

Why do you think this is happening?

What can you do differently?

I pray

I pray again: Sir, today we are talking about many of us again. Peace is so valuable and we need it. But life interferes with and forgets. Please help us build and take a bridge! Amen.



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