Immediate Peace – Non-Resistance – Part 2

In Part 1, found on the Urban Monk website, we looked at internal resistance to events and feelings that actually did not mean anything. One feeling is not better or worse than the other, but our mind creates a story about it and judges us or resists them as good or bad.

Good or Bad – Artificial Discrimination

In the evening class I realized that the hot sweat and sticky, and that made me angry. Why is sweating annoying? It was just a kind of sensation, and it was no different from the sensation of rolling over the softest silk disks. Only our minds make artificial discrimination.

If I was sweating after spending a supermodel on the beach in a bikini, would I be annoying? Probably not. Why? The same sweat, with the same touch.

The mind tells the story about sensation. – I do not have to feel that. "I try to be elegant and the sweat makes it smelly." If you want, you can go deeper. Why do you want to be elegant? Who wanted to impress you? Why are you trying to impress them? What do you want to get?

(I think this is the lack of unconditional love for itself, but it belongs to another article.)

Turn your mind off. When it is switched off, you can no longer build stories around the heat and then your sensation becomes a sensation. Without being able to withstand it, it means nothing. In my meditation class, after a while, the heat was really nice.

Applications for Life

Do you know how this can be applied to many events that are happening in your life? You live in a house where you are not dissatisfied? You got up on your date? If you release the internal resistance, it will go with the flow, it will puncture you and you will have the most pain.

Sleeping in a little house does not feel that it is very different from sleeping in a huge mansion. He is sitting alone in a cafe, waiting for a date that never points, no matter where he is sitting in a cafe because you want to be.

This principle has been taught in the most important philosophies around the world and many great thinkers have said the same thing – most of them just do not explain it. I do not know why, sometimes it works better if you figure it out. The willows that bend to the storm often escape better than oak that can withstand, and sometimes in great catastrophes, light and sad spirits recover their resilience and the presence of the mind more quickly than a cooler character. "Schweitzer Albert

An Important Warning

This is vital, this philosophy does not encourage you to let yourself be hurt or something I talk about inner resistance that is different from external resistance

For example, if someone tricked himself around him, I do not recommend standing there and let him do it! Do something, police are not internal resistance, not bad, take the wrong situation

But once it's over it's over It's no longer physically abusive; learn from your mistakes and never let it happen again.If you are angry and nervous and think again and again, this is the inner resistance and the cause of the unhappiness

If you are in a bad financial situation and you do not like it, I say that you will always be poor forever If you like, then there is more power for you But if you do not want to be poor work out of poverty It is not an internal resistance It is growing internal resistance is angry, thinking about it, overwhelmed by it.

If you're dizzy because of the heat, go for a glass of water. Open the window.

But if it's hot, it's hot, cold to be cold.



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