Immediate rescue tips on how and why the basin vents are closed in the winter

Ventilations of the Foundation play a direct role in influencing home energy efficiency . Summer closed in summer and winter, so it needs to help maintain power, regulate energy bill and support healthy flooring.

The base breeze is a small window into an unknown world. A world that is part of Hercules, because its structures hold a small planet – a world that is part of the zoo because of all the small creeping things there that we do not even want to know. particle ware, all mechanical, electrical, insulating and plumbing that we simply can not afford. Take care of the under-floor space and take care of you.

Basic air vents are the subject of this immediate savings tip. If you live in a cooler climate and live in a crawl space, open the vent holes in the summer during the warm summer months to provide ventilation under floor space and close the vent vents in the cooler winter months to prevent cold air and floor and cooling the house

The heating system does not have to work hard if you do not have to fight the cold floor. Keeping the ventilation openings in winter keeps the floor, heating pipes and water pipes slightly warmer and is less likely to be freezing in water pipes.

The size and number of foundation ventilation slots, especially in newer homes, carefully calculated the proper ventilation. Building codes describe the net opening requirements of the floor surface and the volume floor surface. Appropriate ventilation keeps space dry and reduces mold, mold and more and more popular dry rot.

Most motherboards consist of three parts that are joined together in one unit. A plastic rectangle that faces sideways and adapts to the concrete foundation wall

. The small mesh net mesh that is attached to the center of the opening restricts the opening to the duct only and not to the rodent line. (cats rodents)

3. Plastic dampers hinged on one end and hinged so that they can be pulled out to reveal the air vents and allow air to pass through or rise to cover the opening and pass through the air.

is ready for cooler weather and saves energy

1. Decrease in your favorite hardware store and pick up some styrofoam-based slot cover. You pay $ 1.00 per dollar. In the fall, stores will be sold on the ventilation slots so they are constantly looking for.

2nd Stick to your cat's population. If one or more metal screens are defective or distracted, make sure that the cats do not use the floor space as a hiding place. Cats, heating ducts and insulation do not work very well together. Cats destroy isolation and heating channels while trying to reach the warmer air.

3rd Hold a small hand brush or brush to clean the cleaning holes. Leaves, twigs, dirt, and spiders need to go away so that the vent hole closes completely. The ventilator has a small clip in the ventilation body so that the closure can be closed. Do not worry if the clip does not work anymore and the flapper will only open. This is one advantage of using styrofoam apertures, the plastic flapper being sealed

4. Remove the mouthpiece cover and an auxiliary part, carefully cut off the cover as necessary to fit it well into the opening. Good fit seals the seal – keep the plastic closures closed and keep the styrofoam cover when blowing the wind. It's a little easier to find the pipes frozen under the house and the wind puts the styrofoam caps in the neighborhood.

When the ventilation slots are closed, the under floor space is protected by the cool and gentle outdoor environment. The area under the floor may be warm because hot heating ducts and hot water pipes are in space. The floor will be warmer, the thermostat can be banned up to one or two degrees, and the oven is not so difficult to warm the house. Saving energy to a more comfortable and energy-saving home

When you arrive in the spring and the weather gets warm, remove the styrofoam air vent and open the ventilation slots so that the air passes through the sliding space again. Store styrofoam covers in the garage where you are ready for next fall.

I hope this article is interesting and useful, come back to Detect Energy for more immediate backup tips, but hurry, I will not let you light it up …



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