In Jesus Presence! Peace of mind calm all hearts!

My dear friend wrote the following messages in the first person, as if the Lord Jesus himself had spoken these words. The author does not claim that these words have been literally received from the Lord of Love, but rather by his prayer of prayerful prayer and meditation. Dear Heart, Accept them in the spirit as you intend – to pass on His cruel love and constant concern to you and open a portal in his mind to allow his conquering peace of mind and ever become available to Deliverance in his soul! – Now and always! Shalom!

In my presence, there is peace to settle your heart and keep silent your mind, the peace that the world can never give, bought by my blood to live. My children, when your anxiety becomes a constant companion when fear brings you into an arbitrary captive when the dread touches your soul, turn to me and me alone! Within the mindset of your mind, slowly and calmly tell me, Lord Jesus, I will receive your peace. No matter how you feel at this moment, even if you are close to panic, you continue to say these words. Tell them twenty, forty-five, fifty, hundred times, just clear them and feel them until my calmness falls as it will surely! In fact, he's always there, but you just do not know. If you say these words, you will justify your consciousness to mine, and peace will be felt by your whole being. Get the peace! Today is for you! Your worries, troubles, and heartbreaks will escape as my victorious peace – manifests you!

In my presence, the tranquility is there, waiting to be asked to share. A nobleman called by many, Tho is not love, but something is great! Peace, child, the only great need of your heart! The peace! Some people know this now. But others find it to be the only real healing balm in the environment and testing of the environment. Although I am the God of Love, I was not the Prince of Love but the Prince of Peace! Those? – From the foundation of peace I can see clearly everything!

No confusion. I get to the heart of all hearts and know their work. My miraculous peace gives me this ability. Absolutely alone, uniquely, are not distinguished, I am in a position to expand the peace I choose. Recall that after my resurrection I always had my first greetings: "Be Peaceful!" – Peace of my presence! Still, my peace would be worthless if you could not feel it first. You're dead to participate – never think you can not!

In my presence, the reign of silence prevails, where the roses are radiant in the same scent, I am over the Holy Scent of God, soothing hearts and inheritance love! How much did he love if he came into my presence? First you have to learn how to calm your mind. You must begin to consciously let me slow down your thoughts and think of just one beautiful concept or idea, promise or ideal. First, it will be the hardest thing. You feel nervous, you are still running. You feel uncomfortable and will struggle to continue.

When that happens, you have to confirm: "Jesus!" You are your greatest reality! & # 39; You must know that I am the Redeemer and the Redeeming in this life, here and now, not only in the future. But I can assure you how to endure, this process becomes easier and more enjoyable. It will be strengthened, calm and free. Here is the adaptation of yours to yours. You can tell me I'm calm now, & # 39; forget my problems in my shelter! I'm the Sharon Rose! My love forever is yours!



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