In the zone "

Recently it was a joy to "The Zone!" Personally, I have to say that it was good to be there. What is the "Zone"?

Well, you've heard that athletes are talking about "in the zone" – in the magical place where everyone clicks. Physical and mental processes work together and everything is fine. Any sporty, competitive sport, professional athlete trains and works hard for special moments. With a golfer, this is the moment when the body's place, the golf club's catch, the ball's position at the tee are right. The golfer faces the boat downhill and shows the flight path of the ball, the distance, and where the ball descends. The golfer looks back at the ball and finds that absolute peace and focus are seconds. The golfer swings the perfect arc and position of the arms, then pulls the club back towards the ball. The face of the club is in a perfect position and the ball follows the same path as the golfer is spectacular. This is what you want to be in the "Zone".

The same applies to programming and writing. As a programmer, this is the moment when it makes sense. How it works: It is under a tight schedule and under pressure to produce a complete software version. You force yourself to continue to focus on the task. Everything has been achieved in terms of productivity. Energy drink and snack on the site. Your favorite code rotates music on your headphones. The chair is in a perfect position for productivity and has the right books and notes on your desk. Starts all the appropriate software tools on your computer, and if fortunately there are two monitors or computers, you have a browser on a screen to search Google. You dive in. It takes a good hour or two hours to get started. Then click on it all! There are several code modules open at the same time. Global and local variables are all in your head, and you know what your current values ​​are on your code. You'll find that 20 lines of code can be reduced to 3 without affecting performance. And you've come up with a new algorithm to get the functionality you want in your program. The music is still in the headphones, but it is no longer heard. Instead, variables, data, and formulas are dancing in your mind and through your fingers. You are crazy trying to keep up with the flow of ideas, fearing that images will disappear because of the slightest interruption or break. And then it happens! He hit the wall! You're staring at the screen for almost half an hour and you haven't written anything. Your brain just left. You think you only worked for a few hours, but then you realize that you spent 18 hours directly on your computer.

So it crashes now. You're going to eat something and then hit the bag. But after 4-6 hours, he gets up. Once built up, ideas, variables, data, and algorithms appear again. You can't wait to sit down on your computer and restart the code. This pace continues for days, until it finally reaches its goal – or goes to the RL (real life) journey and forces you to take a break. Or in the worst cases, the body and mind are screaming, "Enough!" and it crashes straight until 20:00.
I feel you are nodding your head in agreement. It's almost like a drug. It is so packed with creativity and the outflow of coding that you forget everything. It's a great way to forget about RL. You can actually upgrade! But the cost – family and friends forget who you are. He goes from his desk to a nature break and looks like you are from another planet. But then, not shaving, washing and wearing the same clothes for several days, is a great contribution to getting this type of look. Plus, not healthy. For such a long time sitting in the same situation, he tends to have blood clots and other medical problems. Finding the right balance is a challenge.

My latest experience was working on the Java application for Blackberry devices. A very tight deadline, further enhanced by the fact that I added functionality to someone else's code, and that was the first time I worked on the Blackberry platform. (Non-standard APIs! Argh!) But when I got into the "zone", it was great!

I don't recommend going too often. As with any addictive activity, it can lead to too many personal, social, and physical problems. Find the right balance. Learn to act regularly. Get up for a few minutes and take a little walk every few hours. Keep healthy food nearby – apples, carrots, celery and walnuts. (Yes, I like crunchy things while programming.) If you drink energy drinks (I prefer Hansen), you should definitely fill in a lot of water. But don't do the energy drinks! The bad case of shocks does not help to write the code! And if you are under a lot of pressure and stress, make sure you spend at least one hour a day in some form. You will be surprised that increasing your blood flow in your body can help make your head ready for more programming, especially if you have a cumbersome code to overcome. And to your close family and friends – make sure you still love them and you will come back in a short time and keep track of your commitments. My personal philosophy is faith, family, friends, finances, and fun. (The financial part = work.) Everyone has their own.

So "The Zone" is good to visit. It's a little funny, terrible and even today. Just remember to stay there and come up now.



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