What we celebrate at Christmas, in Jesus' personality, comes to God who is born infant in a humble manger. It was the creative time of his throne. A man stepped down – so "God is with us". In other words, with the birth of Jesus, God lived with us. This is the teaching of incarnation.

We, Christians, worship the God of the Jews. This is known as God or Jehovah. It is God's spirit. Thus St. John Evangelist says that those who worship God must worship Him spiritually and fairly. The gospel of St. John the Greek speaking world. At the time when Jesus was born, the Greek was the world's lingua franca.

Rome was the dominant kingdom of the world; Jesus was born when Augustus Caesar was the Roman Emperor. Rome's law on the far-reaching points of the empire made Rome an extensive road network. And there was peace in the empire. This was called pax romana.

When the three factors (Greek as a universal language), the Roman Empire's extensive road network and universal peace, God decided to descend on the ground. A fetus born in the womb of the Virgin Mary's womb was born in an animal carrier as an infant infant.

As a man, he was born among the poorest of the poor. When he began to preach repentance to make people eligible to become kingdoms of his kingdom, both Jerusalem and Rome had the power of Jerusalem to oppose sermon.

The Roman Empire was uncertain about creating Christ's own country. To squeeze his job, he pointed at the cross. His enemies were crucified. She was bleeding and dead. But he conquers death. On the third day he rose from the dead. The blood that is crucified is the very cleansing detergent God uses to blur our sins.

He has freed us from receiving him with his blood; He has risen from the dead to give us eternal life. Salvation from sin is a gift of Christ to you and to me. It is the purpose of God's Incarnation.



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