Inner peace, inner healing

There are several ways to Inner Healing, and although there are several reasons why individuals decide to travel, we all agree that momentum partly includes life threat and desire in a motionless and peaceful place, from where the ever-changing world can be seen and interpreted.

Today they are talking about peace. There are plenty of talks in the name of peace and the many peace summits planned in the future. It was another "roadmap" for peace that was fought by many factions in the world. But despite plans, and even cartographic support to the map, our world still has not found "peace."

So each of us can ask ourselves: "Is there peace in the world?" Does peace depend on the opinion of the world-power? Can internal peace be in the hands of people who are at the moment most politically important and / or financially powerful? Or can I look for real peace in all the wrong places? "

Kipling wrote in his wonderful poem:" If you can keep your mind if you lose and blame the souls … "It's such a wonderful statement about the potential power that everyone takes and controls our answers to life.

You may have said, "If you can keep the peace if you lose our souls …" whether they blame you or your neighbor or a particular ethnic group or another country, you may have realized that the real "Roadmap" leads to peace …

When we observe nature, it is much easier to see that peace, true peace, unconventional peace passes under, under and over, the vibrant vibration of life at sunrise and in the rest, with deep satisfaction when the sunset falls, In the primal and original state of peace, through all creatures, large and small, unobstructed opposition, conflict

Peace is in the pure state of Perfect Peace, a center that is not analyzed and consensual. This peace goes beyond the circumstances and the circumstances; peace that does not depend on the personal circumstances of mankind.

Since Peace is always present, we do not have to look for it as being somewhere else. It is not necessary to create external appearance forms. Often, external circumstances depend on personal, political or ethnic circumstances that are only temporary mind sets in a constantly changing creation. Everything that is about us is a recognition of the presence of Peace. If you want to experience the harmonizing effect of peace in all our affairs, if you ever experience our personal experience status or human condition, then all of us must recognize their strength and presence here and now, regardless of what is happening personally or in the world. This is not the idea of ​​looking at life through pink glasses. This is the encouragement to deepen ourselves and bring about the Pure Energy of Life that is at the center of our being.

When people and events often, and not peace, as the only true power and presence acknowledgment, often despite the appearance, we often try to change the behavior, opinion and attitudes of others in order to "make it clear" to peace is displayed. Control, manipulation, coercion and power become tools of peace, which must be realized rather than experienced. Recognition is the tool of peace that is … the peace that is in you.

The human race in our time and in our world has been trying to create peace through war and conflict – both sides seek to overcome their enemies over their enemies, transform their opposition, and check the situation to achieve "peace." "It can be agreed that the monsters of mankind in the name of God only maintain those battles that are held in the name of the Peace.

Although we personally disagree with the war and feel that there are more spiritual modes of social conflicts to solve, unconsciously or even individually, the same perspectives that create war and violence Many of us are involved in one or another of our daily lives, mentally and / or verbally, in our personal struggles

When the hardened assumptions of different positions the thoughts that appear to be "ours" do not always recognize that peace is the only presence, irrespective of human opinion, but rather the perceived difference as a sign of demarcation. We can seek personal peace through our attempts n to convince others our position is correct or how correct. Or maybe we can try to achieve peace by suppressing their true nature of our and their sense of what is right in order to reassure other people, losing a real peace chances in the process.

It is important for all of us to notice our patterns of faith. We may ask ourselves: If something seems to be wrong, I can look for someone who blames it before the situation can be solved. Do I testify of the temporary behavior of some temporary irritation, aggravation, and anger? Do I know peace every moment, or do I seek peace for a moment?

When we react to our lives under "external" circumstances, it is easy to distinguish between others and our own real center of peace. We looked at those eyes that are shaped like an isolated mystery and look to a world where diversity often seems to deny the unity.

How often have we heard the news, read a newspaper or talked to a friend about today's discernment, violence, hatred and destruction, and shook our heads with a "tsk-tsk" to emphasize how different the world is from us? But is it really possible that someone is completely different in the world when they are all part of the world?

The world we see – the good-bad-pretty-ugly-just-unfair – to us, personally and collectively. We influence the world through our thoughts, words and actions.

Peace can not be a limit, but the individual experience of the Peace depends entirely on our own consciousness. The more we agree with what we see "out there" – or we try to separate ourselves from the world with fear – the more we are unacceptable to the unconscious persuasion of the human race … whether the human mind hardened the strengthening generations or as short and thoughtful as the next political elections.

If we want to see Peace we have to choose Peace. We can not afford to ignore the idea of ​​outer, narrow, hostile, greedy or independent forces in the world because such an automatic bias can drag us away from our intact Peace Center, the Way.

If the material state of our thinking creates our objective experience of the world (and many think it is so) and if the subjective state of our thinking is the sum of our thinking and knowledge, then we can not afford beliefs concepts, concepts and actions that are not peace, the fear, and the separation and the disharmony, and then come out into the world of our creation and are waiting for safety. The feelings of doubt and fear, anger, guilt, judgment, and separation from others, thoughts and despair in the world and in the world, the feeling of separation from others is energized by the intensity of the feelings behind them that are as strong as silent desires and spoken occupations. peace.

The peace that we can call our "center" with us is not a place to get to, but a momentary state we can live from. Peace of mind, enduring peace and peace that pass on understanding are not just ours, but the circumstances of life as well. Absolute peace does not even require (even a deep breath) to appear to us.

We may feel more comfortable in peace if we turn away from the chaotic objects of creation and close our eyes to the Pure, Formless Peace that we think is "somewhere". But it is indispensable for us to remember for ourselves that the Peace Eye is in our open, closed, quiet center, in our quiet meditations, when we talk of quiet prayers and when we talk about our world.

When we recognize that Peace ALWAYS – unchanging and ruthless – we feel and express whatever it is, wherever it is, because peace is all, and peace is what we are.



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