Inner Peace – Mentally in peace

Importance of Embedded Health

How do we know our mental attitude has something to do with our physical health? Actually, we do not know because we can not know that someone would have gone if they had a better state of mind. Nevertheless, there was always a sense that there was a relationship and I certainly heard enough comments on this line, so I'm not surprised to have cancer or colitis or heart attack, always seemed so angry in the world or always complaining about something or always talking about things, which are not fair. We also heard that doctors were surprised at the wonderful healing with a positive state of mind. In the past, I tried to think positively, but if I were in a bad mood I would not believe it, so it would not last long.

This is more of an attitude because the attitude is certainly changing. mood. If you know that the mindset timing the mood shift, you realize you are in the driver's seat and whether you can maintain a positive attitude on it. This is the same "mechanism" that allows people to maintain their diet, a healthy lifestyle, promote harmonious relationships and change their hearts. The best part is that we now know how to use this "mechanism".

The next is a real story about how to understand how the mind works for people with prostate cancer. I met John in 1994 in LaConnor, Washington. We have participated in a group of business people and therapists who have committed themselves to learning to have their own innate mental health and well-being and to teach others to do the same.

János was diagnosed with prostate cancer on May 30, 2006, and informed his ethical path by email. He recently asked us to pass on our story to encourage or help those who seek to maintain or regain their own health through natural methods. John realized that his healing path was so much about his mental life as his physical life.

Here is a background that explains what John learned, and ultimately helped her heal. The basic idea behind the Three Principles Psychology is that all beings are interconnected with Universal Intelligence, which describes the first principle of First Theory (19459002). Thinking works with consciousness in order to produce our feelings, reactions, behaviors, and our general experiences. In other words, our thoughts dictate our lives; when we understand what creates the experience of our lives, we can use it wisely. These three principles explain the full range of human experience and explain how humanity shapes unformed energy and forms it. Free form of unformed energy will be created for a healthy or unhealthy, productive or non-productive outcomes.

John and our group have come together to learn the more about the three principles that explain how human experience develops in every person momentarily and momentarily

Explanation of the Principles: The Universal Energy Experience

The ability to create experience as a thinking individual

Consciousness: The ability to be aware of our experiences and how to create it.

of unstoppable energy, which in turn shows us how to achieve a deeper wisdom and thus improve the results. If you simply change a thought to another, it will only be a temporary relief. On the other hand, when he begins to find the true nature of thought, he leads to a deeper level of intelligence that helps to create more persistent, deeper, healthier prospects in life – as he finds his inner wisdom. Page 108 The enlightened gardener, revised by Sydney Banks, 2005.


John's story is a wonderful example of how valuable a healthy mental state is for healing the physical body. In June 2010, the following was written: […] the latest PSA (prostate specific antigen) result remained unchanged and was lower than that diagnosed four years ago.

This diagnosis, not surprisingly, has tried many other acute illnesses: overweight, hypertension, hypotension, continuous diarrhea, skin diseases, high cholesterol, hay fever, itchy eyes and chronic fatigue. All of these conditions are perfectly healed.

I was the key Aussie man. I thought "he would be the right companion" and not take care of myself. According to John, at the level of the intestine (literally more than a month of swelling) he did not know that he had only one body and that he could be responsible and responsible for the care and maintenance: he practiced and used the power of thinking. But the wake-up call came when the urologist warned that there was limited time for curing, stunning or burning tumors; or to metastasize, most likely to be his bones. The Urologist told him that if that happens he will die of a slow, painful death.

From the understanding of mind, thought, and consciousness, we all realized that my interest, but non-essential and energy-consuming, emotionally challenging activities were stressful and did not help in deep restorative healing. He realized he did not sufficiently support his body and mind with so much energy that would eliminate the chronic condition called cancer. In 1994 John learned how important it is to work in harmony with natural viability through thoughts. People have a free will to think of anything. It's easy to give up on foods and drinks that are unfavorable to our health, as it is easy to suffer unhealthy thoughts. We do not have to give up; healthier, wiser decisions can be made. Even if you are aware of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, what about your thoughts that you feed your spirit? All of us are born with the help of our healthy and free will to reach our health and well-being at every moment. John is now cancerous and his wealth is attributed to his mental state.



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