Is Islam a Religion of Peace or Violence?

Islam is one of the world's largest religions, with millions of followers from every nation in the world. Islam has never been the most accessible religion in the West, as there are few Muslims in the US, there are countries in Africa or the Middle East, for example. This inability for the West to be able to experience Islam from true Muslims often leads to many misconceptions about this tolerant religion.

The title of the article and the fact that you are reading it now shows how true Islam has learned in the world as a great religion. According to the Council, American-Islamic relations have about 1.2 billion [in 1999] Muslims in the world, accounting for 19.2% and 22% of the world's population. It became the world's second largest religion. Yet, with all its popularity, it can still be regarded as a mystical religion, which is simply not the case.

Islam is a religion that is no different from other great religions. The question of whether Islam is a peaceful religion or violence is not a simple question, yes or no answer. The short answer, both, promotes peace, but then gives guidance to somebody, property, or religion.

There is a reference: "Anyone who is badly talking about a father or a mother is to be put to death". This is a very convincing statement in his condemnation. He thinks the punishment is not similar to the crime. Where does this statement come from? The Koran? No, it is in the Bible, Matthew 15: 4.

As soon as it is known, Islam does not regard the candle as a single religion that speaks of violence.

Much of the references to violence in the Koran refer to wars and battles. Islam's religion began in Mecca in 622, and at that time there was no UN controversy between the rival groups. The battles are nowadays common and unfortunate. The Holy Qur'an and the Prophets claim to strictly prohibit the following as examples of the honor of Islam even for those who want to kill them:

  • Wounded soldiers who are unsuitable for fighting or fighting should not be attacked.
  • Prisoners of War Not to be Killed
  • It is forbidden to kill any person who is under obligation or in captivity.
  • Residential areas should not be abducted, stolen or destroyed, and Muslims can not affect anyone else's property except those who fight against them.
  • Muslims can not take anything from the people of the conquered country without paying for it.
  • The lieutenant of the enemy should not be reprieved or mutilated.
  • The enemy's corpse must be returned.
  • Contracts should not be violated.

Prophet Mohammed fought for religion. He struggled for humanity to give up the worship of idols, which has always been the case. By suggesting his peoples to give up this worship, war has attacked themselves and their believers. This is where many references to fighting come from. They come from religious persecution and religious intolerance. It needed order to get into the chaos world. This religious chaos has been resolved for a long time, but there are always extremists who make historical references and try to apply them to modern day scenes as much as they can, even if they are no longer applied. There are now other ways of resolving differences as most countries are willing to talk peacefully with each other. The following is an extract that had long been targeted when borders, treatments and fundamental human rights were easily rejected.

3: 169 "Do not think of those who are killed by God's death and do not live to find their food in the presence of the Lord."

Human life is considered sacred, and not something that is not insignificant. The Quran teaches: "If anyone kills the human being (for no reason) the slaughter of man or corruption on the ground is like killing all mankind … (5:32)." In fact there is another saying by the Prophet that the next sin is the polytheism of the murder. "" The greatest sin is that they associate something with God and kill the soul (human beings). "the reasons listed are similar to the death of all men. Islam is a religion that does not differ from other great religions that contain excerpts of violence, just as the Bible, but Islam does not practice violence, like the first or the only If this had happened, the streets of the world would be filled with blood, but that is not the case: patience and forgiveness are the true weapon of Muslims, not violence, the acts of some radicals do not represent what Islam and never it will not do as long as the prophets say and follow the Holy Ages as they originally intended.



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