Is Islam the Religion of Peace and Love?

"Say, we believe in God and the revelation given to us and to Abraham, Isma'il, Isaac, Jacob, and tribes, and given to Moses and Jesus, the Prophets of the Lord, do not distinguish between one and the other and bow to God . "2. Chapter 13, p.

Weekly, I get lots of haunted emails from travelers who are very scary to read the addresses of Muslim extremists. These extremists use their religious belief to justify their deadly actions against their own beliefs against others; and others who did not believe or were Westerners. In America and around the globe, this is a real, growing threat to our lifestyles and the maintenance of our personal freedoms. These Muslim extremists will tell us how to live what we believe and kill everyone who is different from their views.

Sadly I remember, this is not the first time that religious beliefs are used to justify action and war against others. History is full of examples and is such a powerful tool and motivator to follow what God wants to continue to use today. Read the Old Testament or follow the crusades of Crusades; Jewish and Christian history is full of examples of using deadly power to protect and transmit a persuaded belief system. Today there are not many choices in this area; every freedom-loving man must stop the earth, raise his voice, and fight against those who lose us. Obviously, we have long since solved this problem with words.

When I studied the Koran, and many times I read it; I did not find a personal call to spread Islam in the non-believe world. For me, Koran was timeless revelation full of love, hope, and the importance of fighting the inner jihad. The inner jihad, perfecting itself and helping others reach. Many see the historical context and timeliness of Current Revelation; This religion and the final message were reported when the desert Arabs were exactly like today's extremists. Killing innocents and preventing innocence with the philosophy of many deities who supported their murderous activities. Then comes a Savior, Mohammed, who is the true message of love and surrender; to draw all people in the world to change their way and accept the higher call. In order to spread a new lifestyle, Mohammed takes care of his weapons, defeats his enemies, and offers Islam to all people.

Through the spread of the new religion, through the Qur'an, there are warnings about leaving alone people who have accepted God and lived a good life. Indicating that there were some Christians and Jews who loved God and left them in peace. The call to spread faith – Islam – was addressed to those who did not believe it and were injured by others; this was the original target group: the Arabs of the desert who were kidnapped and killed; taking into account what they wanted. Some Islamic schools claim that the next offer only means leaving this man alone until God deals with them. However, we would dispute the point that God accepted their faith and did not have to treat them as non-believers.

Those who believe (in the Qur'an) who follow the Jews (scriptures), the Sabians and the Christians, who believe in Allah and the Last Day, are not afraid or sad. (5:69).

The focus of moral teaching is the method of improving yourself and becoming a better person; the brain makes the world a bit better. From the beginning, there are those who use religious beliefs to kill and bring. These people have become enemies of their faith, and if the Savior lives today, then the Prophet calls them first.

To keep this eye open. We live in the West for a very long time, joining the people of the Middle East and helping to create some of the great poverty and oppression. Over the years, our government has long supported dictators who take on people and sell them at a favorable price to the West. Now it has been painted by terrorists as enemies and destruction, Islam is victorious.

The worst guards are cruel rulers. Beware of one.
— The Prophet Muhammad (s) means Sahih Muslim, Hadith 846.

As far as the extremists, the Israelis have long held: one eye's eye, and there can never be peace those who want to destroy them. It also minimizes fear and sustains survival in maintaining military power.

Where are we going from here?

o It is time for moderate Arabs to speak and condemn the actions of their extreme brothers; Muslim moderates need to join forces who hurt and destroy their faith.

o The United States and other nations need to help overcome the lack of poverty and education, which is the pioneer of this extreme point of view. People must have enough food and future; then they know the reason.

"We believe that poverty does not belong to civilized human society, but belongs to museums." A poverty-free world might not be perfect, but it would be an ideal approximation. "
— Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner

o In the world, dictators and governments are not tolerated, will take people and spread death and devastation. should be recognized against and acknowledged that Islam is the religion of peace and love, while calling upon all men to submit to God, people have to decide freely. Religion is not compulsory No one and no people should live their lives.

No constraint in religion (2: 256)

o Everyone should know the teachings of the Koran and other world religions. Discussions should be held in public where these beliefs are based on their common belief, so we can be reunited together as a family.

o It is obvious that there is a dialogue between the difference that belief system serves as a cover for harmful activity, and what the belief system actually says and what it wants to do. Religious conviction does not kill people; the people, their personal agendas and their weapons of murder. Killing in the name of God is a personal choice for people.

These are the losers, those who form hard and hard religion. They threaten themselves who force Islam's harsh practices. They destroy themselves, extremists.
— Prophet Muhammad (s) by Ibn Masud in Sahih Muslim



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